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A jQuery plugin for responsive tables with column toggling. Performant for even very large tables.
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This is a non-blocking column toggle plugin created because the existing solutions I found caused the browser to freeze up when used with very large tables.

A more complete read-me file with full instructions is coming soon(ish). Meanwhile, feedback, bug reports, and pull requests are welcome.

##Important Notes

  • In addition to user-chosen column toggling, this plugin lets you set certain columns to automatically collapse at certain media query breakpoints. This is done by setting the data-flexitable-priority-class attribute on column headers to a space-separated list of classes that you want applied to all cells in that column. Those classes then determine at what point the column is shown/hidden using CSS media queries. You can create and apply classes of your own, but Flexitable comes with these defaults ready to use:
    • no class -- Columns with no priority class set using the data attribute are hidden at viewport widths below 1024 pixels.
    • optional -- Columns using this priority class are visible at a viewport width of 768 pixels or higher.
    • essential -- Columns using this priority class are always visible at any viewport size.
    • persist -- Columns using this priority class are always visible and cannot be toggled off using the column menu.
  • If you want to use this plugin's responsive features in IE 8, you'll need Respond.js.
  • As part of the effort to avoid browser UI freeze, plugin initialization and destruction were made asynchronous. If you need to do something in your own code only after these actions are complete, listen on the enhanced table for the toggle-initialized.flexitable and toggle-destroyed.flexitable events respectively.
  • The future-proof way to undo the plugin's current features is $('table').flexitable({destroy: 'toggle'}). For now, passing any truthy value for the destroy option will get the job done. However, I'm planning to add table search to Flexitable in the future if I can make it fast enough with large tables. Once that happens, you'll be able to choose what plugin feature you want to destroy by passing different values for the destroy option: .flexitable({destroy: 'toggle'}) or .flexitable({destroy: 'search'}).
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