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Before configuring your custom hotkeys on Elpis, do first kill all of the possible programs
that came with your keyboard drivers, like "Mouse and Keyboard Center" or "IType" from Microsoft keyboards.
This is the first stable release in two years, so many bugs have been fixed.
The other major update is the beginnings of an update to the UI.
The next release will show more updates to the UI, so join the beta release cycle if you'd like to see it as it goes!
This is a stable release, which includes all the beta update changes so far. The changelog follows:
- Added the action to ignore the current playing song for a month (a.k.a. "Tired of this song") from system tray right-click menu.
- Added http api command "toggleplaypause".
- Added support for switching audio output devices. (Thanks to @joecoolio)
- Showing Balloon tooltips on system tray when Elpis is minimized.
- Added name of station in quickmix
- Removed old website link from about page on Elpis.
Created Web Remote Interface
Created Android remote control client called ElpisRemote, check it out here:
Globay Media Key Funcionality brought back with the possibility of setting a custom command
Corrected the functioning of global keys and added a tooltip warning
Added beta testing option - now you will be able to test the latest commit on Elpis without the need to compile everything.
Resolved issue #23 where the program wouldn't start if the proxy ip or port had not the spaces trimmed.
Elpis icon has now got a white background so it can be seen on black themed desktops.
Resolved issue #31, now Elpis restart function works on Windows 8 and 7.
Stations are now listed in the same order as of Pandora Web-player
After changing proxy settings, Elpis restarts correctly
Elpis now not visible in ALT-TAB windows list while minimized on tray
Links in Elpis UI now point to GitHub
Added Last.FM Scrobbler support
Added UI for Proxy configuration
Added beginnings of plugin interface
Added Pause on System Lock
Added in-client update downloads
Added close to tray option
Changed version scheme
Fixed bug where MP3 HiFi option was not kept
Fixed issue with not playing to default audio device (Win7 only)
Completely rewritten Pandora back-end to use JSON API
Added Proxy Support (enabled in %AppData%\Elpis\elpis.config only)
Added multiple config support (use elpis.exe -config <profile_name> and create new shortcut for each)
Added volume control to UI