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+**LOOKING FOR NEW MANAGEMENT!!** - Are you interested in maintaining Elpis? It's in dire need of someone passionate about the project to take over. Contact email @ if you are interested.
Elpis is native Windows client for the Pandora Radio music service, implemented in C# and WPF.
@@ -41,6 +43,3 @@ To download the latest version of Elpis, click here: [Elpis Releases](https://gi
* [LPFM]( - Elpis uses (and contributes to) LPFM, an open source .NET API for Last.FM
* [ElpisRemote]( - Android Remote Control for Elpis, built with Java on Eclipse.
-If you like this project, buy me a cup of tea :)
-[![Paypal Button]( "Paypal Button")](

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