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Swap between SDTV and HDMI easily on the Raspberry Pi
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Video Output Swapper for Raspberry Pi

An easy tool to swap between SDTV and HDMI outputs


Usage: ./video_swap.bin [OPTION]...
--help                  : display this usage information
--version               : print version information
--status                : print current resolution / and output device
--no-fbset              : don't call fbset to reset the framebuffer
--sdtv [mode] [aspect]  : switch output to sdtv
--hdmi [group] [mode]   : switch output to hdmi with the specified mode and type,
                          otherwise defaults to the monitor's preferred mode


To run the tool, simply clone the git repository and run make with the following command:

git clone

You can then run the tool directly from the folder or add it to your bin directory or PATH.

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