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Configuration for vagrant and puppet systems, allowing you to build a PyroCMS-friendly environment in next to no-time.
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PyroCMS Vagrant

Configuration for vagrant and puppet systems, allowing you to build a PyroCMS-friendly environment in next to no-time. That means that instead of needing to install XAMPP/WAMPP/MAMP, fight with the built in version of Apache on your Mac or configure some slow over-the-network VPS to run your code you can use our Vagrant / Puppy setup to run PyroCMS in its own little virtual box.



Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments. A command line wrapper for VirtualBox.


Puppet manages your servers: describe machine configurations in an easy-to-read declarative language, and Puppet will bring your systems into the desired state and keep them there.


Install Vagrant (which requires VirtualBox) then run the following commands:

mkdir ~/vagrant
git clone --recursive git:// ~/vagrant/pyrocms
cd ~/vagrant/pyrocms
vagrant up

That is all you need to get a virtual machine with everything you need set up to run PyroCMS. Check it is working by browsing to http://localhost:8089/. You can configure it to work on any port, we just put it there as 8080 is often taken too.

Configurating Vagrant

There is a Vagrantfile included in the root of this repository with some default settings enabled. Change the port number or switch to using a hostonly connection. It's all in here.

Current Manfiests

imaginitively named default.pp which will eventially be the base for mulitple manaifests that do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with PHP 5.4, SQLite, Postgres, Redis, etc, but for now there is just the one basic lamp stack.


  • Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS (32-bit)
  • PHP 5.3.2
    • xdebug
    • curl
    • gd
  • MySQL Server
  • MySQL Client
  • PEAR
  • PHPUnit
  • Vim

MySQL Details

User: pyrocms Pass: password Database: pyrocms


CentOS / Redhat

Currently this repo uses a fork of saz/puppet-php, which only supports Ubuntu and Debian, but could easily be extended to support more by adding to the params.pp. If there are any CentOS guys out there, we would love your help making this work.

More Manifiests

There plan is to add multiple "stock" Puppet manifest files in manifests/ for various setups like:

  • Apache + PHP 5.4 + MySQL
  • nginx + PHP 5.2 + Postgres
  • nginx + PHP 5.3 + SQLite

And of course everything in between. By building these boxes we can facilitate development and testing of PyroCMS in multiple environments far easier than if we have to wrestle these systems onto our personal workstations. If you would like to submit a manfest, please simply send in a pull request with a logical name, like nginx-php53-mysql.pp and we'll merge it.

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