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PebRunner is an Android: Netrunner assistant for your wrist! It features a click tracker, random number generator and round timer. It supports all Pebble models, including the Pebble Round and the new Pebble 2.

PebRunner card

Note: this is not an official app, I am in no way associated with Fantasy Flight Games. This app is purely for fun, hopefully you find it useful!


  • pressing the Down button will advance the Pebble app's click tracker
  • pressing Select will generate a random number between 1 and 5 (useful for randomising hand access)
  • pressing Up will start a new turn
  • a round timer is visible at the bottom of the watch's screen

Pebble Round

New turn Click tracker Random numbers

New turn Click tracker Random numbers

Pebble Time / Pebble Time Steel

New turn Click tracker Random numbers

New turn Click tracker Random numbers

Pebble 2 / Pebble / Pebble Steel

New turn Click tracker Random numbers


PebRunner is available in the Pebble appstore!

You can also install the app (including old versions) via the pbw files available in the Releases section of this repository. Alternatively you can install the app from source code using the SDK.



  • Pebble 2 (diorite) support
  • Built for SDK v4
  • Updated menu icon
  • Improves display name


  • Pebble Round (chalk) support
  • Pebble / Pebblt time (aplite) SDK v3 support


  • round timer display
  • help text displays between turns
  • redesign of app allows for up to 9 clicks per turn


  • official Pebble Time support
  • blue/red display for corp/runner turns
  • improved action bar on pebbletime
  • tweaked layout of clicks so it displays more consistently across devices


  • improved design!
  • action bar to describe button behaviours


  • correct app name
  • improve memory management slightly


First version of the app!

Upcoming features

  • improved design
  • psi-game number wizard
  • more flexible hand randomisation (not just 1-5)
  • faction icons (and colours for Pebble Time)
  • timing structure references

Issues / contact

If you find any problems or generally have any questions feel free to raise an issue on this repository. I'd love to hear if you've found it helpful. Pull Requests are very welcome.

Known issues

It only supports 9 clicks (5 on round Pebbles) at the moment (that's all that fit on screen). If you have a super-janky-combo deck that needs more than 9 clicks in a turn then good for you captain jank, but I can't help! If you continue past 9 (/5) it'll start from 1 again so you'll still be able to use PebRunner to help.

Random numbers are currently chosen from 1-5 and there's currently no way to change this.


Thanks to Fantasy Flight Games for creating the superb game of Android: Netrunner.

Thanks also to MWDelaney for creating the Netrunner ttf font, used to generate the icons in this app.


A pebble watchapp for Netrunner matches




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