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Nester is a Rails gem that helps you nest your routes. Given config/routes.rb:

resources :blogs
resources :posts
resources :comments

At first, this seems like a perfectly reasonable approach. Blogs, posts, and comments are all accessed via their database id field. Eventually you decide that is ugly and bad for SEO, so you write a #to_param method and base URLs off the blog name and post title. That will look much better! You also decide that you should now nest your resources, just in case two people from different blogs create posts with the same title. It could happen!

resources :blogs do
  resources :posts do
    resources :comments

You refresh the page and realize that your application is completely broken!

Nesting routes changes all of the generated route helpers in your views, tests, and controllers. Depending on the complexity of your application, you may have minutes or hours changing routes, rerunning tests, etc. And you're really out of luck if you have no tests at all.

Fix Your Helpers

Nester solves this problem by generating additional route helpers that act like the non-nested routes, but generate nested routes for you. You get to keep the nice routes with little to no modification of your application, but still have the benefits of fully nested URLs.

To use nester, add a couple of lines to your helpers:

module ApplicationHelper
  include Nester::Helper
  nest :post, :under => :blog
  nest :comment, :under => [:blog, :post]

Now your views and controllers will have new named routes:



Upon use, each route expands to something like

blog_post_comment_path(,, comment)

For plural and new paths, no argument is passed that can act as an anchor. By convention, nester uses the last provided option to :under. This is equivalent to the following:

blog_post_comments_path(, @post)

Future versions of nester will provide the ability to specify the instance variable name of the anchor. For what its worth, this approach is compatible with the belongs_to and nested_belongs_to options in InheritedResources.

Fix Your Tests

If you are using ActionController::TestCase for your functional tests, nester provides similar functionality to generate methods for your named routes. nester assumes that you have generated a fresh functional test for the CommentsController. Simply add two lines:

class CommentsControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase
  include Nester::TestCase
  nest :comment, :under => [:blog, :post]

Methods will be generated as they were in your views. Additionally, the +ActionController::TestCase+ methods #get, #post, #head, #put, and #delete will be modified to add references to :blog_id and :post_id in the parameters hash. This makes your functional tests work fresh from the generator - no modifications required.


Nester has two main options:

:under describes the chain of nested resources. It can be a single item or an array of symbols.

:namespace acts like :under, but for namespaces. Useful if you decide you want to namespace a resource under admin or similar.

Example Application

An example application showing nester usage is available at

nester was tested with Rails 3.1. If you have problems, please open an issue on github.


Just as nester to your Gemfile, or

gem install nester


Copyright © 2011 Adam Lamar.

nester is licensed under the AGPLv3. You may use nester without modification as a dependency of your application without requiring source code disclosure. However, if you modify nester and place the dependent software on a public facing network server (i.e. website), please publish your modifications to nester by forking the github project.

See LICENSE.txt for further details.