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Plugin to automatically generate the description for your class in XCode
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Xcode plugin to automatically override the description method for your class. Because overriding the description method is really helpful in debugging, but doing it by hand takes forever.


Via Alcatraz (preferred)

alcatraz screenshot


Download source code and run the project. The plugin will be automatically installed

Restart Xcode regardless of install method.


  1. In the .h file of your class, select all the properties you want included in your - (NSString *)description method.
  2. In the edit menu select Make Description
  3. Plugin will do all the work for you.

.h .h file .m .m file


  1. Any property that's commented out with a // will not be included in the description
  2. Properties can have comments trailing them, such as @property (nonatomic) NSString *name; //el nombre
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