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# code to get data from
# Import packages
from urllib.request import urlretrieve
import pandas as pd
# base for file urls
url_base = ''
# list of years
years = [str((95 + i)%100) if len(str((95+i)%100))==2
else '0' + str((95 + i)%100) for i in range(0,23)]
# list of league seasons
seasons = [years[i]+years[i+1] for i in range(0,22)]
# list of leagues
leagues = ['E0', 'D1', 'I1', 'SP1', 'F1']
# list of urls and filenames to store locally
urls = [url_base + season + '/' + league + '.csv'
for season in seasons for league in leagues]
filenames = ['data/' + league + season + '.csv' for season in seasons for league in leagues]
def get_data(urls,filenames):
''' Function to grab data files from the web at urls and store locally in data/filenames '''
for idx,url in enumerate(urls):