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React Native Hot Redux Starter (deprecated)

Hot reloading is now built into React Native, so use that instead of this.

This is a starter kit for building React Native apps using Redux and the react-native-webpack-server for hot code reloading.

Hot reloading is based on the BabelES6 example in @mjohnston's react-native-webpack-server.


git clone
cd react-native-hot-redux-starter
npm install


npm run hot
open ./ios/react_native_starter.xcodeproj

Cmd+R inside Xcode to run the app in the iOS simulator. On first run, you'll likely receive an error because, in order for hot-loading to work, you need to be debugging in Chrome. Dismiss the error (press escape), then press Cmd+D and click on the Debug in Chrome button. When the Chrome debugger is open and connected, press Cmd+R in the iOS simulator to reload the app. You should now be hot-loading, and all changes you save in your source should update in the app.

What's in it?

I'm using the starter to familiarize myself with Flux using Redux and the best practices I know of.

Build for release

npm run bundle

Uncomment the line in AppDelegate.m that loads the local main.jsbundle. (Line 46.)


  • Update for Android.


Many thanks to Dan Abramov for help debugging hot loading (along with all of his work that I'm using here).