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Bugs list for Texter (please feel free to add)

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-Features/fixes for 0.6 release:
-- Bugs:
- x Fix printable cheatsheet
- x Fix right-click preferences bug
- - Fix Import keyboard/trigger bug
- x Hunt down/fix gina's memory issue/CSV memory issue (suspected same issue?)
- (this issue, as far as I can tell, has something to do with the HexAll thread not completing and therefore not writing Hexified=1 to texter.ini. Still not sure what's causing the problem, but a fresh install should fix.)
- x Fix CD drive error (need new, innocuous SC key that doesn't conflict with anything) -- Dustin's new trigger method fixes this
- - Mouse incompatibility with Outlook?
- x Need to change import/export format - just readline rather than use .ini - .ini too intense, opens and closes file with each read
- x Set focus on Preferences so On-the-fly shortcut doesn't immediately blank out to "None"
-- Features:
- - Define custom hotkey or implement "no trigger" replacements
- - Integrate AHK autocorrect script
- - Can select bundle when creating new on-the-fly hotstring
- x Disable via global hotkey?
- - NumpadEnter Key and escape key work with %p
- - Implemented Autocorrect
- - Gui controls are disabled when no hotstring is selected
- - Changed Save button in Texter Management GUI to Save Hotstring to make it more clear
- - Cosmetic fix for General tab of preferences
- - OK and Cancel buttons no longer missing from print and stats tabs of Preferences GUI
- - bundle export/import now aren't written in hex so they're easier to programmatically create
- - Tools / Preferences / Run Texter at Startup checkbox doesn't stay checked if you turn it on. (fixed)
- - Added ability to rename hotstring
- - Importing Default bundle fix
- - changing on-the-fly hotkey kills old shortcut
- - Stats error fixed when no replacements have yet been made
- - Added option to use bundle triggers of the exported bundle so user can keep all exported trigger settings when importing a new bundle.
-Features/fixes for 0.5 release:
-x Bundles
- x Export
- x Import
- x Add
- x Remove
-x Enhanced management GUI
-x Excellent code optimizations by Dustin
-x Ability to include punctuation in hotstrings
-- fix Save: thread
-Features/fixes for 0.4 release:s
-x Made hotstrings case sensitive
-x Added Prompts
-x Work out SendPlay and SendInput discrepencies (maybe make it available in Prefs so that it can work in Synergy)
- - SendPlay is better if you're using just one computer/not using Synergy (for example, it buffers text so you can type
- while the replacement is working and it's sent when the Send is complete
- - If you are using Synergy, SendInput/SendEvent need to be used.
-x Make replacement sound optional
-x Implement delay variable for script mode
-x Disable Texter through system tray menu
-x Addressed bracket bug:
-Features/fixes for 0.3 release:
-x Automatically check for updates
-x Printable list of hotstrings
-- Disable Texter through the system tray (deprecated through dev b/c of SendPlay solution)
-x Fix blank hotstring bug (
-x Changed replacment method so that it's more compatible with games/apps
-x New icon
-x Added automatic update checks
-Features/fixes for 0.2 release:
-x Add option to run at startup
-x Compatibility mode & clipboard mode
-x Incorporate Dustin's date/time variables
-x Change standard mode to SendRaw
-x Save last-used trigger as default for next hotstring
-x Turned off AutoTrim so that spaces at the end of replacements are retained
-x Double-click systray icon launches management
-- Determine whether newkey thread called from GUI or hotkey (GuiControlGet,blah - if blah, then...?)
-- Import/Export bundles
-- Create bundled interface in Texter management - lets you enable/disable a bundle, add or remove to any bundle, etc.
-- Update everything so it's consistent with new bundled structure
-- Add autoclose options for brackets, parenthesis, double-quote - turn on and off in preferences
-- For bundles, create an active directory that updates what's enabled at any time
-- Move old replacements to their own directory
-- Custom triggers?
-- Fix gui weirdness for some ppl?
-- Export/Import via .ini files?
-- remove punctuation limitations so users can include puncutation in hotstrings - currently this doesn't work b/c scripts are saved as .txt files, so are limited by Windows naming conventions. AutoClip had a solution for this (hexify), but not sure I want to get rid of my convention - like being able to identify by text file.
-- Add buttons/dropdown/something in Hotkey creation for insertion of clipboard, cursor, dates, time variables
-- Enable/Disable by application
-- Allow for icons in Bundle tabs
-Low priority bugs:
-- Check oversized fonts (see
+- Bugs:
+ - Mouse incompatibility with Outlook?

13 comments on commit 0737a09


Running on Server 2008 64 bit after about 30 seconds this error comes up: Error: The following variable name contains an illegal character: “not foundKeys” The current thread will exit. —> Line# 174: Bank:= Bank

Same Error when Run as Administrator.

Just thought you might like to know.


I found bug that in text-mode I can not do like this

It's not format like this (It cannot paste tab in textarea so i copy and paste it) but like this

Can you fix it for me ?? I really love this app and i want it perfect.


It looks like there's an issue with sending text to a console in the VMWare Infrastructure Client when attempting to use a hotstring to provide a username. The last key typed is constantly repeated. The earlier issue with the not foundKeys error appears to do with the Universal Spelling AutoCorrect code from what I can tell.


First of all thanks Adam for this great script - very, very useful.

I was also getting the same message "Error: The following variable name contains an illegal character: “not foundKeys” The current thread will exit. —> Line# 174: Bank:= Bank" , but on a Win XP SP3 32 bits. I did confirm that this happens when a Remote Desktop session starts. To fix this, change line 164 of texter.ahk:

if (SubStr(ErrorLevel, 1, 6) = "EndKey")

if ((SubStr(ErrorLevel, 1, 6) = "EndKey") AND (SubStr(ErrorLevel, 8) != "not found"))

I have not tested this extensively, but it works on my Win 2008 SP2 64 bits Virtual Machine - YMMV. The modification above also works as a "catch all" for any other kind of weird keys that may also not be found.


Thanks very much for this find glima78. This is exactly what I needed to solve as I use RDP extensively and it was getting annoying.


Here is a short fix I coded for the problem of using a backspace with texter and having to start over again with your keyword:

The problem:arises if you hit backspace while typing a keyword, Texter restarts looking for complete keyword. Texter 'loses' all prior recognized text.

The fix below, for the 'texter 0.6.ahk' file, checks for backspaces and if so simply adjusts the already captured text instead of always clearing it:

at line 58:

old code:

if (SubStr(ErrorLevel, 1, 6) = "EndKey")
{ ;any end key resets the search for a match

new code:

if (SubStr(ErrorLevel, 1, 6) = "EndKey")
{ ;any end key resets the search for a match
;new: checks for backspace and if found removes last char instead of full reset of PossibleMatch:
aa := SubStr(ErrorLevel, 8) ; gets the signaling end key
if aa = Backspace ; see if it was a backspace
; if backspace just remove last character and continue
StringTrimRight, PossibleMatch, PossibleMatch, 1
; otherwise do normal clear of whole possible word

Hope this helps someone.


It appears that you cannot remove bundles once they have been added in Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.


What is Texter written in? Like if I wanted to compile texter myself, what would I use?


Texter is written in AutoHotkey:


@Adam Oh! It's written in autohotkey...okay...I thought it was written in C++ or something like that...alright...that helps, thanks!


@Adam, If I were wanting to look into fixing this where would I start (like which *.ahk file fires the program up?)


Good question! It's been a while.

I believe everything runs off texter.ahk, and goes from there.


@Adam Thanks!

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