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- Implemented disable via global hotkey

- Started Universal AutoCorrect integration - still needs work.  See TODO for more.
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adam authored
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7 TODO.txt
@@ -3,15 +3,18 @@ Features/fixes for 0.6 release:
x Fix printable cheatsheet
x Fix right-click preferences bug
- Fix Import keyboard/trigger bug
- - Hunt down/fix gina's memory issue/CSV memory issue (suspected same issue?)
+ x Hunt down/fix gina's memory issue/CSV memory issue (suspected same issue?)
+ (this issue, as far as I can tell, has something to do with the HexAll thread not completing and therefore not writing Hexified=1 to texter.ini. Still not sure what's causing the problem, but a fresh install should fix.)
- Fix CD drive error (need new, innocuous SC key that doesn't conflict with anything)
- Mouse incompatibility with Outlook?
- Need to change import/export format - just readline rather than use .ini - .ini too intense, opens and closes file with each read
+ - Set focus on Preferences so On-the-fly shortcut doesn't immediately blank out to "None"
- Features:
- Define custom hotkey
- Integrate AHK autocorrect script
- - Disable via global hotkey?
+ (Unless Dustin's new trigger method works, consider compiling autocorrect to .exe, storing it in resources, hiding from systray, and running separately when enabled, killing when disabled. The script doesn't play nice with the SC77 special char trigger)
+ x Disable via global hotkey?
Features/fixes for 0.5 release:
x Bundles
4,516 texter.ahk
4,511 additions, 5 deletions not shown
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