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Began implementing export/import functionality

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1 parent a468ecd commit e6c3d078b36dbb9309fea0c693b8ffe4f6cee78c adam committed Jun 23, 2007
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  1. +40 −1 texter.ahk
@@ -426,6 +426,7 @@ Menu,TRAY,Add,&Manage hotstrings,MANAGE
Menu,TRAY,Add,&Create new hotstring,NEWKEY
+Menu,TRAY,Add,&Import bundle,IMPORT
@@ -669,7 +670,10 @@ Gui,2: Add, ListBox, xs r15 W100 vChoice gShowString Sort, %FileList%
Gui,2: Add, Button, w35 xs+10 GAdd,+
Gui,2: Add, Button, w35 xp+40 GDelete,-
Gui,2: Add, DropDownList, Section ys vTextOrScript, Text||Script
-Gui,2: Add, Edit, r12 W460 vFullText
+Gui,2: Font, s8, Arial
+Gui,2: Add, Button, w80 ys xp+375 GExport,&Export
+Gui,2: Font, s12, Arial
+Gui,2: Add, Edit, r12 W460 xs vFullText
Gui,2: Add, Text, xs,Trigger:
Gui,2: Add, Checkbox, vEnterCbox yp xp+65, Enter
Gui,2: Add, Checkbox, vTabCbox yp xp+65, Tab
@@ -895,6 +899,41 @@ if PSaveSuccessful
Gui,2: Submit
+;;; Threads for importing and exporting Texter bundles ;;;;
+MsgBox,4,Confirm Bundle Export,Are you sure you want to export the %CurrentBundle% bundle?
+IfMsgBox, Yes
+ IfNotExist %A_WorkingDir%\Texter Export
+ FileCreateDir,%A_WorkingDir%\Texter Exports
+ IniWrite,%CurrentBundle%,Texter Exports\%CurrentBundle%.texter,Info,Name
+ if (CurrentBundle = "Default")
+ BundleDir =
+ else
+ BundleDir = bundles\%CurrentBundle%\
+ Loop,%BundleDir%replacements\*,0
+ {
+ FileRead,replacement,%A_LoopFileFullPath%
+ IniWrite,%A_LoopFileName%,Texter Exports\%CurrentBundle%.texter,%A_Index%,Hotstring
+ IniWrite,%replacement%,Texter Exports\%CurrentBundle%.texter,%A_Index%,Replacement
+ }
+MsgBox,4,Your bundle was successfully created!,Congratulations, your bundle was successfully exported!`nYou can now share your bundle with the world through Texter's import feature. `n`nWould you like to see the %CurrentBundle% bundle?
+IfMsgBox, Yes
+ Run,Texter Exports\
+FileSelectFile, ImportBundle,M3,, Import Texter bundle, *.texter
+if ErrorLevel = 0
+ MsgBox,% ImportBundle
+ ;IniRead,
;; method written by Dustin Luck for writing to ini
GetValFromIni(section, key, default)

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