Bug when using Remote Desktop (client) on Win7 #10

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I looked at the source, and I found the problematic line, but alas, I have not had a chance to read the AHK documentation just yet due to being at work, though I wanted to report the issue.

Texter has worked great for me so far in Win7. The bug I encounter happens when I make a Remote Desktop connection or when I switch to one that is already open.

What happens is that as soon as I mouse over the window of the remote machine (whatever is actually on the screen of the remote machine, not the client window gui), I get an error message popup from Texter, and Texter stops working, but does not exit until I tell it to exit.

The error message is as follows:

Error: The following variable name contains an illegal character:
"not foundKeys"

The current thread will exit.


---> 174: Bank := %Bank%

Looking at the code, line 174 of Releases\0.6\texter.ahk seems to be the culprit. Why this is triggered when mousing into the Remote Desktop is beyond me, and this may also happen on WinXP; unfortunately I don't have an XP machine that I can test with.

darnyte commented Apr 12, 2013

This does in fact happen on WinXP it's very irritating however I think I can setup a trigger in eventghost to disable texter when I run a remote desktop connection and then re-enable it when I exit the remote desktop connection. If anyone knows how to fix texter so it doesn't do this that would rock! :)


Any news? there was suggested a fix for this if any could change the code

Change line line 164 of texter.ahk:
if (SubStr(ErrorLevel, 1, 6) = “EndKey”)

if (( SubStr( ErrorLevel, 1, 6 ) = “EndKey” ) AND ( SubStr( ErrorLevel, 8 ) != “not found” ))

his provides an additional condition for texter to catch all keys that are not found. This now seems to work reliably on Windows XP when using RDP.

source#: #1

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