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Interferes with Locale settings on quotes next to space #2

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I live in Holland. I use quotes a lot, for example:

For "quotes" like that (and also for diacritics as in gööd dày to yóu).

This is with just Windows (Vista) and Texter OFF. It's because my locale is Holland, I'm pretty sure.

So type a quote (double or single) and the cursor doesn't move.
Then type either a vowel, to get the vowel with the dots (double quote) or accent;

or type a consonant to get the quote followed by the consonant;
or hit the spacebar to get just the quote.

This is what it should do. The problem is: Texter interferes with this. It seems to be unaware of that locale. It tries to help me but overdoes it with quotes around words, ie next to a space. (With diacritics inside words, ie not next to a space, there's no problem.) The same example with Texter ON:

For "quotes""like that. "Ït throws in an extra"" which I don't want, see? I type doublequote-space-It to get "It but I get "Ït, with a dotted I.

You'll understand I have to do a lot of backspacing & arrow-backing when Texter is on. So I end up turning Texter on and off all the time. Not good.

I'd appreciate your views on this. I hesitate to start digging into the code to make a Dutch Texter, but I'll do it if that's the only way.

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