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Just spent the last 2 hours troubleshooting this -- thought my rig suddenly took a dump on me. Eventually realized everything started acting up after I had installed texter.

The problem seems to stem from the auto correct function.

Here are the issues:

  • Up and down arrow keys get wonky in Onenote 2010 Premium Pro. When editing a note, you need to hit up or down TWICE to register one line movement up/down. Doesn't seem to be related to time, either. In other words, I could hit up, then wait 5 minutes, then hit up again and it would register only the second keypress. The first one seemed to be filtered every time. Left/right arrows worked fine though.

Keys started 'sticking.' Both chrome beta and Firefox 3.6.8 started leaving a "d" in the address bar when i would hit "alt-d" to give the bar focus.

Keyboard shortcuts for start menu shortcuts started acting weird too. I had assigned "ctrl-alt-n" to open notepad. But when texter's auto spell correct was turned on, the shortcut stopped working or would only work intermittently. Oddly, a ctrl-F12 shortcut was unaffected.

Alt-D and other shortcuts would randomly stop working in browsers. Problem was intermittent although it's gone away completely after turning off autocorrect.

PandoraOne's keyboard shortcuts (spacebar) would break down as well.

As soon as i turned off the universal spelling autocorrect, everything worked fine.

I was about ready to reformat, too. Thank god I realized it was this at the last minute.

Bump - I have also run into a bunch of random issues like djfujiyama with autocorrect in Texter

I'm having similar issues. How do I disable universal spelling autocorrect?
I've tried deleting or renaming the autocorrect folders and files but the entire program crashes when I do.
EDIT: Figured it out. In the main folder there's a config file. Change the line that says Autocorrect=1 to Autocorrect=0

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