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This tool is very helpful, but the date options preconfigured were missing a valuable one that I use regularly; a full fledged mm/dd/yyyy formatted date (The shortdate built in now chops off the leading zero on months). I added this as %dm.


Hey Richard, This is great stuff. Any idea how do do a combination that results in YYYY-MM-DD? That would be super helpful for creating filenames that have the date in them and then sorting by filename to get the latest version of the file.


Well, my addition was this:

        FormatTime, XDate, , MM/dd/yyyy
        StringReplace, ReplacementText, ReplacementText, `%dm, %XDate%, All

If you wanted to add YYYY-MM-DD, you'd simply need another block below it, I chose %dm randomly, so I'll go with %dw. And to play it safe, I'll create a new WDate variable to hold the formatted date.

        FormatTime, WDate, , yyyy-MM-dd
        StringReplace, ReplacementText, ReplacementText, `%dw, %WDate%, All

That should be enough right there, though I haven't tested it myself. If I get a chance and it works, I'll add it to the pull request.


I tested it, it works. %dw is now good to go.


Very cool!! Thanks Richard!



How do I add your script to texter?


@mikesolo I'm sorry for never responding to your question. You can either run the modified Texter.ahk instead of the executable, or you can build a new executable file using the bundled exe creator in AutoHotKey. The conversion program in it is called Convert .ahk to .exe. Simply plug in your Texter.ahk in the Source field, grab the Custom Icon from the resources folder. Then just convert, and it will put a new texter.exe in your main folder. An important note: if you have the 64bit version of AutoHotKey and create an exe from it, that exe will not work on a 32bit OS.


I am not positive, but I assume this is how @adampash compiled his originally.


@adampash, I'll throw this at you too, since ultimately you'll have to approve the pull requests.

  • Once again, the help links are no longer valid due to Lifehacker's recent redesign. If you like, I'd be happy to update my pull request with changed links to new wiki pages with the old content, or just fix the links. The content is still there, its just that Lifehacker's redirect doesn't work with the anchor added. For example: Basic Usage points here while it should point here
  • If I do all this and add a new version 0.6.1 or 0.7 executable, would you be ok with that? I know in your article talking about moving the source here, you said it was because you wanted community involvement, but so far, without anything being approved, I personally don't really feel like I'm helping. I'm happy to fix some of this stuff and add it, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

@richard4339 thanks for your reply

I tried to give it a go and downloaded the source files and converted the ahk to an exe but if I run it I get the following error message

Error: A Goto cannot jump from inside a function to outside

Line# 1590, Goto, Homepage

If I click on texter.ahk I get a similar message

The file I downloaded was

Any ideas on what the problem is would be much appreciated

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