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Welcome to the texter wiki!

Texter is a text replacement utility based on autohotkeys.
While not as versatile as autohotkeys, it is much easier to use and can provide incredible productivity boosts by handling repetitive typing.

Texter was originally developed by Adam Pash of Lifehacker fame.

Texter is available as a portable app meaning it can run from a USB drive or install without cluttering your computer’s registry and other system areas.

Texter has varied applications including;
- Aiding with coding and programming
- Automating form completion
- Expanding abbreviations for commonly used words and phrases (micro-expansion)
- Expanding file paths and URLs
- Expanding boilerplate responses (e.g. tech support responses)
- Impressing your bewildered co-workers with how quickly you can generate well composed, detailed email responses in the same amount of time it takes them to provide a terse reply… (ok fair enough that last one will suffer editing).
- Simply regaining 4 days of your life in a year’s time.from repetitive typing
Texter Usage
Texter Technical Details
Texter FAQ

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