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I had posted a question on Forrst, and it got me wondering how best to go about keeping track of an applications core version and pushing updates ( not using GIT ).

Using git would be ideal if I was the one managing a single web application. Obviously using Git would complicate things for beginner users. But its likely that Extension and Theme developers will be using some form of source control.

I then set off to build a developer portal to manage this versioning.


  • Contributors can register/login
  • They see a list of their public repositories and can hide unrelated repos
  • Releases must be tagged v<major>.<minor>.<patch>
  • Choose weather they are submitting a theme, or extension
  • If a new release has been tagged then the extension can be Versioned
  • Cached API calls to Github
  • Cached headers for client
  • Nightly download through master branch
  • Download counter


  • All themes and extensions are central
  • Privately managed
  • Source code is hosted on Github
  • Extensions are version

API Calls

  • get/core/
  • get/themes/
  • get/themes/{slug}
  • get/plugins/
  • get/plugins/{slug}
  • get/author/{username}
  • get/versions/{slug}
  • get/download
  • get/download/{id}
  • get/nightly
  • get/nightly/{id}

Later on I will collect ratings, statistics such as number of downloads and compatibility. You will also be able to look up all extensions from an author, and search categories.

Depending on demand I may integrate other Public Git Hosting services such as Bitbucket.

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