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Web Science PHD - Adam Procter

Here is my open documentation for the activities I am undertaking on my Web Science PhD. This is a joint PhD with Winchester School of Art (WSA) and the Web Science Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) both at the University of Southampton

Housing my documentation here is an experiment and there maybe elements you disagree with, and that’s fine, there will also be unfinished and uncompleted works. If you have alternative ideas that you feel strongly about I’d really welcome your input, but please engage in a constructive manner. Please use the issues feature to raise concerns, thoughts or just typos! Thanks

Initial Thanks

To my supervisors Jussi Parrika and Hugh Davis and of course the support from the Head of WSA, Ed D'Souza and Director of Research at WSA Ryan Bishop.

Thanks must also go to Doug Belshaw for showing the way with his Open PhD process, Christopher Murphy for pointing out GitHub as a open curriculum platform and Jeffery Zeldman for talking about GitHub for project management

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac Newton