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This is a Python + Django app to log a person's mood from day-to-day

Technical Requirements

  • Use Python/Django with a database backend

Pictures / Stage Progress

Plan of Action

  • Which graphing chart to use, as I tried several but Plotly seemed to work the best.

Libraries used

  • Django
  • PostreSQL
  • Plotly
  • Whitenoise, Gunicorn, Dj-Database-Url for Heroku

What Was Difficult

  • Converting Python date format to milliseconds
  • Django templating didn't iterate through a list in a dictionary, which led to a few work-arounds
  • Pushing to Heroku required several adjustments

What I Liked

  • Learning Plotly
  • Django database interfacing is SWEET

Oustanding Issues

  • Still needs a way to edit an entry
  • The plot could look better, as some dots are cut off by the margin

Future Ideas

  • Different ways to create visual charts to graph emotions