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Technical Requirements

  • Display a game in the browser
  • Switch turns between two players, or switch turns between a player and the computer (AI)*
  • Design logic for winning & visually display which player won
  • Include separate HTML / CSS / JavaScript files
  • Stick with KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles
  • Use Javascript or jQuery for DOM manipulation
  • Deploy your game online, where the rest of the world can access it
  • Use semantic markup for HTML and CSS (adhere to best practices)

Pictures / Stage Progress

Screenshot1 Screenshot1 Screenshot1

Plan of Action

  • Think about game logic
    • Win condition, objectives
  • Simple graphics, but with animation
  • Keep as much as possible dynamic
    • Number of terrain tiles dynamic
    • Terrian size dynamic
  • Get player controls just right
    • Make the controls "slippery" for challenge
  • Get terrain scrolling, humans roaming
  • Get human pickup working
    • Floating up, floating down
  • Get tanks working
    • Bullet physics
  • Get screens working
  • Get sounds working

Libraries used

  • CreateJS Suite (EaselJS, TweenJS, PreloadJS, SoundJS)
  • RequireJS

Assets Used

  • Pixsel: Sprite maker
  • Jfxr: simple sound effects maker
  • Audacity audio editor
  • Chip music from:
  • Bitmap fonts

What Was Difficult

  • Adjusting player controls for specific feedback
  • Keeping focus on Minimum Viable Product
  • Aligning UI screens
  • Tank aiming and shooting at UFO, trigonometry
  • Collisions
  • Tank bullet physics

What I Liked

  • Amusing myself with animations
  • Simplicity of graphics
  • Using RequireJS to structure project, modular

Oustanding Issues

  • Needs mobile

Future Ideas

  • Mobile, use virtual joystick
  • Physics library (P2.js)
  • More enemies
  • varied levels


Game project for WDI class



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