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Conan recipes for UE4-compatible library packages

This repository contains Conan recipes for a variety of libraries to facilitate their use with Unreal Engine 4. The recipes make use of the infrastructure from conan-ue4cli to provide compatibility with UE4-bundled third-party libraries and avoid symbol interposition issues, as well as ensuring everything is built against the UE4-bundled version of libc++ under Linux.

To build the packages, you will need the following:

To build all of the packages, run the following command from the root directory of this repository:

ue4 conan build all

Alternatively, you can specify a list of individual packages (with optional version numbers), like so:

ue4 conan build PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2==1.2.3 PACKAGE3

See the output of ue4 conan build --help for full usage details.

It is recommended that you build the packages from this repository inside the ue4-full Docker image from ue4-docker and then upload the built packages to a Conan remote so that they can be pulled from there for further use.

All of the recipe code and associated build infrastructure in this repository is licensed under the MIT License, see the file LICENSE for details. See the individual Conan recipes for the license details of the libraries that they build.