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Command-line interface for Unreal Engine 4

The ue4cli Python package implements a command-line tool called ue4 that provides a simplified interface to various functionality of the build system for Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4. The primary goals of this tool are as follows:

  • Abstract away the platform-specific details of the various batch files and shell scripts scattered throughout the Engine's source tree.
  • Provide the ability to easily generate IDE project files under Linux, where no shell integration currently exists to perform this task from outside the Editor.
  • Determine the compiler flags required to build third-party libraries for use within Engine modules. This is particularly important under macOS and Linux where symbol interposition can cause clashes between external libraries and those bundled in the ThirdParty directory of the Engine source tree, and under Linux where libraries need to build against the Engine's bundled version of libc++.

This package requires Unreal Engine 4.19 or newer (since 4.19 is the first release to include the necessary patches to UnrealBuildTool.) The package also requires Python 3.5 or newer.

Check out the comprehensive documentation to view installation instructions and the full command reference.



Copyright © 2017-2018, Adam Rehn. Licensed under the MIT License, see the file LICENSE for details.