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v0.8.0-beta3 (2017-10-12) diff

  • Delegate attribute changes on note with position expression to its expanded ghost notes

v0.8.0-beta1 (2017-08-19) diff

  • Return -1 when buffer sourceStartIndex is higher than buffer.length, instead of throwing error

v0.7.4 (2017-06-19) diff

  • Fixed nested sequences with different length throwing out-of-bounds errors

v0.7.3 (2017-06-13) diff

  • Expose bap.Model

v0.7.2 (2016-06-28) diff

  • Fix error when playing a layer without knowing the Channel, Pattern, Kit or Slot

v0.7 "geniuz" (2016-06-28) diff

  • BREAKING! Changed param.pitch to represent semitones, i.e. note.pitch = -12 will reduce pitch by one octave, setting the playback rate to 0.5 #45 (Manvir Singh)
  • Added bap.pitchByRatio helper to calculate exact pitch (Manvir Singh)
  • Added started and stopped events to Note, Channel, Pattern, Kit, Slot and Layer, triggered when layer source playback starts and stops #52
  • Changed default attack and release values on bap.compressor for better out-of-box result #48

v0.6 "large" (2016-06-03) diff

  • Added pitch and pan attributes on Pattern, which will affect all of its channels and notes
  • Fixed an issue where if a layer was used in multiple slots, the wrong slot would be used to calculate composite params #46

v0.5.1 (2016-05-19) diff

  • Fixed setting pattern.volume to 0 playing at full volume #44

v0.5 "lotus" (2015-05-12) diff

  • Added method to create a completely new instance of Bap, with its clock and event bus separated from all other instances #43

v0.4.1 (2016-05-11) diff

  • Updated Dilla to fix an issue with dropping notes on patterns with more than 9 beats per bar #42

v0.4 "apollo" (2015-10-07) diff

  • BREAKING: Changed bitcrusher normalization frequency attribute to a proper frequency range #37
  • Added connect method to kit, slot, layer, channel and note, making them connectable with bap effect factories, using smart, dynamic and performant node creation and routing
  • Added reverb, delay, compressor, overdrive, filter, chorus, phaser and ping pong delay effect factories for sample and oscillator layers #15
  • Added pattern volume attribute and master bap.volume attribute
  • Added trimToZeroCrossingPoint param to trim clipping edges from beginning and end from sample buffers
  • Improved performance and memory footprint with general object and Web Audio node pooling, avoiding V8 deopt patterns and allocating temporary memory
  • Removed memoization of lookahead steps for pattern or sequence that is not looping or longer than 16 bars

v0.3 "pete" (2015-09-03) diff

  • Added bitcrusher effect for sample layers #23
  • Added note.after callback that is triggered after a note source has stopped playing
  • Added clock.looped attribute, increases each time a sequence reaches its end
  • Added trigger param on note #24
  • Deprecated key parameter on note #24
  • Changed pattern > kit connection to use numeric ids #24
  • Changed kit > slot connection to use QWERTY ids #24
  • Fixed error when reversing sample without offset and duration longer than actual buffer duration #25
  • Fixed clock.tempo dropping to 0 when pausing or stopping playback
  • Fixed bap.clock trowing error when starting playback without sequence
  • Fixed playback being completely broken in Safari and Mobile Safari #30

v0.2.2 (2015-05-26) diff

  • Fixed broken links to examples in README

v0.2.1 (2015-05-10) diff

  • Fixed incorrectly formatted header comments in bap.min.js

v0.2 "marl" (2015-05-07) diff

  • Added bap.sequence, multi-layered sequences from patterns and other sequences, with variable tempo
  • Added pattern.then, pattern.after and pattern.and methods for combining patterns and sequences into new sequence
  • Added param to define behavior for stereo buffers
  • Added sample.reverse param to reverse buffer or slice of buffer
  • Added sample.loop param to define looping behavior
  • Added note.transform, channel.transform and pattern.transform callback to allow modification of notes after expanding position expressions
  • Added clock.tempo read-only attribute for getting current tempo
  • Added clock.step callback to cancel scheduling of step
  • Updated to dilla v1.5 and dilla-expressions v2.0:
    • Added greater than and less than position expression operators
    • Expressions engine performance boost 25-1500x

v0.1 "damu" (2015-04-19) diff

  • Initial public release

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