GAE + Backbone + Require.js Todo web app example
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Complete Google App Engine + Backbone.js + Require.js Todo list Web App Example

Based on the work of Thomas Davis ( and Jérôme Gravel-Niquet (


Here you can find a fully working example of a Todo list web app which uses REST API to communicate with its back end. The app uses:

  • Google App Engine (Python) for its back end
  • Backbone.js for the MVC framework
  • Underscore.js for templating and Backbone.js
  • Require.js for modularization

This web app can teach you a lot just by reading the source code. It's a great boilerplate to start heavy web apps, which require a back end and modularization. For example:

  • How to implement a simple Todo model, and a REST API interface using Google App Engine in Python
  • How to configure Backbone.js to sync with a back-end
  • How to configure Require.js and use Backbone/Underscore/jQuery as AMD modules
  • Templating using underscore.js - conditionals and HTML escaping
  • MVC programming using Backbone.js
  • Loading text files and using them as templates using Require.js