Meteor application to view photos by geographic area using the Google Maps API and the Instagram API
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See it live here:

About Instahood

Finally you can see what's going on in your neighborhood, in real time! Instahood uses HTML5 geolocation to find the most recent instagram photos taken around you, plots them on the map and shows their thumbnails in a gallery. You can interact with the gallery photos or the map icons to zoom into the photo and check out the photo's caption.

Nothing going on around you? No problem! Click anywhere on the map or use the search in the navigation bar to see what's going on anywhere in the world!

Instahood was built in about 3 days at HackReactor as a Meteor application that uses the Google Maps Javascript API v3 and the Instagram API.

Instahood made the front page of Hacker News on March 16, 2013, made it all the way up to the second highest spot and in one week had over 10,000 unique visitors! HackerNews

Instahood was also featured in Mashable's "19 Facinating Maps Apps"

About Me

Instahood was built by Mike Adams about half way through the 12 week Javascript bootcamp at Hack Reactor.


  • Instagram OAuth
  • Geo-specific URL's to be shared
  • Polling API for live updates
  • CSS Media Queries for ipad
  • Timestamping
  • Easy List of most popular queries
  • Search by Hashtag