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Commits on Aug 9, 2011
  1. @colinadams
Commits on Aug 8, 2011
Commits on Aug 5, 2011
  1. @jalavik @tiborsimko

    BibHarvest: add custom name to BibUpload tasks

    jalavik committed with tiborsimko Aug 3, 2011
    * Use the custom name 'oai' for BibUpload tasks spawned from
      post-harvest processeses, in order to work-around an issue
      with other BibUpload tasks submitted during harvest getting
      equal priority.
  2. @jalavik @tiborsimko

    BibHarvest: add priority to uploads

    jalavik committed with tiborsimko Jul 27, 2011
    * Adds a high priority (6) to BibUpload tasks spawned from
      OAI harvesting post-processes, to ensure more immediate execution
      of the harvesting tasks.
  3. @jalavik @tiborsimko

    plotextractor: configurable sleep timer

    jalavik committed with tiborsimko Jul 7, 2011
    * Adds a new configuration parameter that allows control over the
      timeout period between file harvests of remote sites.
    * The download() function (and consequently harvest_single()) will no
      longer enforce any timeout period, as it is only applicable in batch
      download use cases, leaving any flow-control resposibilities to the
      caller of these functions when used in such a way.
      Consequently, the plotextractor 'batch-jobs' are now enhanced with
      simple flow-control, alongside any harvesting tasks in BibHarvest
      using the plotextractor API. They all will use the above timeout
    * Specific parameters meant to be configurable for the plotextractor
      module is now moved to invenio.conf, away from plotextractor_config.
  4. @valkyriesavage @tiborsimko

    WebSearch: reinstate the plots tab

    valkyriesavage committed with tiborsimko Jul 13, 2011
    * plots tab handling was removed by 62eaad1,
      add it back in
    * regression test to ensure plots tab is working
  5. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    BibSched: improve arguments display for waiting tasks

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Mar 24, 2011
    * When a task is waiting the progress column can be used to display
      the actual CLI arguments that will be used to call the given
      WAITING task. (closes #557)
  6. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    installation: support for HTTP compression

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Dec 9, 2010
    * New flag to enable deflate compression in HTTP responses, that alter
      Apache configuration snippets created by inveniocfg --create-apache-conf
      and OAI-PMH verb=Identify response. (closes #423)
  7. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    BibSched: enforce CFG_BIBTASK_VALID_TASKS on CLI

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Jan 14, 2011
    * Enforce CFG_BIBTASK_VALID_TASKS check also when bibtasks are
      directly called via CLI. (closes #220)
  8. @kaplun @tiborsimko
  9. @badzil @tiborsimko
  10. @badzil @tiborsimko
  11. @badzil @tiborsimko

    bibdocfile: improvements of URL handling methods

    badzil committed with tiborsimko Aug 26, 2010
    * When guessing the format of a file, perform a HEAD request.
    * When downloading a file, use only one socket to get the format and download
      the file.
    * New download_local_file() and download_external_url() functions.
      (closes #252)
  12. @badzil @tiborsimko
  13. @badzil @tiborsimko

    bibdocfile: use correct extension for download_url

    badzil committed with tiborsimko Aug 23, 2010
    * Using guess_format_from_url() instead of decompose_file() allows to detect
      correct file extension for URLs not finishing with an extension.
      (addresses #252)
  14. @valkyriesavage @tiborsimko

    BibIndex: update author tokenizing

    valkyriesavage committed with tiborsimko Jul 13, 2011
    * addition of an extra term to fuzzy name tokenization for
      searching SPIRES-style
    * tests updated to reflect same (fixes #561)
  15. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    WebSubmit: improve debug info when CFG_DEVEL_SITE

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 5, 2011
    * When CFG_DEVEL_SITE is set to 1, report traceback to the
      browser instead of printing a generic message.
  16. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    BibUpload: fix troubles with multiple 001 tags

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 5, 2011
    * In case more than one recid is specified in a record
      bibupload will refuse to insert the record.
    * In replace(_or_insert) mode, if the specified recid does
      not match an existing record, the recid is allocated
      on-the-fly (when using --force). (closes #721)
  17. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    WebSubmit: fix LibreOffice generation of txt files

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 5, 2011
    * Correctly set the argument passed to unoconv (LibreOffice wrapper)
      when generating text files.
  18. @tiborsimko

    Merge branch 'jerome/sciencecinema'

    tiborsimko committed Aug 5, 2011
    * jerome/sciencecinema:
      WebSearch: fix searching external Invenio sites
      WebSearch: fix CDSIndico external search
      WebSearch: add external search for ScienceCinema
      WebSearch: extend ExternalSearchEngine with user_search_url
  19. @jeromecaffaro @tiborsimko

    CKEditor: new scientificchar plugin

    jeromecaffaro committed with tiborsimko Jul 21, 2011
    * Adds scientific character picker based on CKEditor default
      plugin "specialchar".
  20. @jeromecaffaro @tiborsimko

    FCKeditor: migration to CKEditor

    jeromecaffaro committed with tiborsimko May 5, 2011
    * Use CKEditor instead of FCKeditor.  (closes #623)
Commits on Aug 4, 2011
  1. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    WebSubmit: escape restrictions in managedocfiles

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 4, 2011
    * Correctly escape restriction list in the managedocfiles
  2. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    bibdocfile: re-add BibRecDocs.check_file_exists

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 4, 2011
    * In f8a1ec1 the
      check_file_exists method has been moved from the BibRecDocs
      class to the BibDoc one. This broke the backward compatibility
      of the bibdocfile API. Here is a new implementation of the
      BibRecDocs.check_file_exists method recursively based on the
      BibDoc.check_file_exists one.
  3. @badzil @tiborsimko

    WebSearch: webcoll passes when no indexes exist

    badzil committed with tiborsimko Jul 22, 2011
    * When using Solr for indexing, there are no native Invenio indexes,
      and webcoll was not happy about it.  This patch fixes the problem.
  4. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    BibUpload: fix --append when identical file exists

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Jul 15, 2011
    * When in --append mode, and the file being appended already
      exists (i.e. it is a bitwise copy) the corresponding
      FFT tag will be discarded.
    * Fix a bug introduced with the previous special handling
      of --correct FFTs.
  5. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    installation: new /flash and /css Apache aliases

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 2, 2011
    * When the Apache configuration examples are created by
      calling inveniocfg --create-apache-conf, two new aliases
      are added, namely /flash and /css.
  6. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    BibKnowledge: add support for ejson export format

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 2, 2011
    * Add support for embedded JSON export format. The right hand
      part of a mapping in a knowledge base, is considered as a
      JSON serialized string, and is thus natively embedded in the
      JSON result.
    * Additionaly optimize speed of exports when limit argument is
  7. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    general: add CFG_OPENAIRE_SITE hooks

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Aug 2, 2011
    * Add CFG_OPENAIRE_SITE hooks needed to decouple the OpenAIRE
      Orphan Repository Invenio customization from Invenio, in
      the webinterface_layout, and in the websession_webinterface.
  8. @ludmilamarian @tiborsimko

    WebSearch: fix bibxxx search for several MARC tags

    ludmilamarian committed with tiborsimko Jul 19, 2011
    * fix the query parameters in search_unit_in_bibxxx when several
      MARC tags are available for searching
    * fix the search_pattern when the bsu_f is None
  9. @jmartinm @tiborsimko

    bibrecord: sanity check in record_order_subfields

    jmartinm committed with tiborsimko Jul 20, 2011
    * Adds check to prevent an error introduced by
      75a834c that occurs
      when a record is None.  (fixes #751)
  10. @jeromecaffaro @tiborsimko

    WebComment: move config variables to invenio.conf

    jeromecaffaro committed with tiborsimko Jul 19, 2011
    * Moves the following config variable from to
  11. @jeromecaffaro @tiborsimko
  12. @jeromecaffaro @tiborsimko

    WebJournal: new I18N string

    jeromecaffaro committed with tiborsimko Jul 18, 2011
    * "Staff Association" category
  13. @kaplun @tiborsimko

    WebStyle: do not use HTTPS for INSPIRE robot login

    kaplun committed with tiborsimko Jul 25, 2011
    * Quick hack to deploy BibAuthorID and the integration between
      INSPIRE and arXiv. HTTPS is no longer enforced when
      CFG_INSPIRE_SITE and the user is visiting /youraccount/*.
      HTTPS is still enforced though when visiting
      /youraccount/login (to allow for safe login of admins).
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