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Clone of Apple's ABPerson view controller in AddressBookUI.framework to allow for better customization.


  1. Copy all of the classes and images to your project (except the contents of the Demo folder of course)
  2. Add AddressBook.framework and AddressBookUI.framework to your target


Simply initialize the view controller with the person and address book.

SSPersonViewController *personViewController = [[SSPersonViewController alloc] initWithPerson:person addressBook:addressBook];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:personViewController animated:YES];
[personViewController release];

See the demo project for further examples.


I originally wrote this for a client. They said it would be fine if I open sourced it and put it in SSToolkit. I had it in a topic branch for awhile, but decided to move it to it's own repository instead of adding it to SSToolkit. I figured that most people probably won't use this, but they would have to add AddressBook.framework and AddressBookUI.framework to their project just to use SSToolkit. I also don't plan on working on this any time soon.

I did the same thing for SSMessagesViewController.


There is one known bug. The view will not refresh its data when the address book changes. Feel free to fork and improve!