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Minimal Ruby on Rails plugin for the Full Text Search engine of PostgreSQL.

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Fork of acts_as_tsearch with a few changes:

  • Return scope instead of collections, so that a search can be combined with existing scopes, will_paginate and most of all, enable lazy loading

  • Check for table existence, to prevent problems with rake db:create/db:drop et. al


  • Postgres version >= 8.3

  • Rails version >= 2.0

Quick Start

  • Preparing your PostgreSQL database

Add a text search configuration 'default':

CREATE TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION public.default ( COPY = pg_catalog.english )

Do a search

blog_entries = BlogEntry.find_by_tsearch("bob")
puts blog_entries.tsearch_rank
puts blog_entries.size
puts blog_entries[0].title
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