Whenever files in your working directory change, execute a command, such as "rake test".
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When Files Change

Do something when files change, it's that simple.

When files change, run my tests:

when-files-change -- rake test

When files change, build my css assets:

when-files-change -- make

When files change, make me a sandwich:

when-files-change -- sudo make-me-a-sandwhich

By default when-files-change ignores log folders, hidden files in your root, and source control directories. You can explicitly list any other files you want to ignore:

when-files-change --ignore 'build' -- make

To quit press CTRL-D or CTRL-C. To force the command to be run, press Enter.

That's about all there is to it. Most of the credit for this tool goes to the guard/listen library since it does all leg work. when-files-change just wraps it in an easy to use command.

Used with a build tool like Rake, Make, or some other *ake, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. If this doesn't suit your needs, take a look at Guard or Watchr, both projects allow special rules for processing various types of events.


Install when-files-change with rubygems:

gem install when-files-change

Adam Sanderson, http://www.monkeyandcrow.com