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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import socket
import select
import json
import math
#from pudb import set_trace; set_trace()
CRLF = '\r\n'
class MalformedMessage(Exception): pass
class ConnectionClosed(Exception): pass
class UnknownServer(Exception): pass
class Manage:
def __init__(self, host, port): = host
self.port = int(port)
self.clients = []
self.perfect_numbers = []
self.highest_sent = 0
self.highest_recvd = 0
def start(self):
backlog = 5
self.listen = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.listen.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)
self.listen.bind((, self.port))
self.theinput = [self.listen]
while True:
inputrdy, outputrdy, exceptrdy =, [], [])
for fd in inputrdy:
if fd == self.listen:
client, address = self.listen.accept()
obj = self._socket_recv(client)
self._handle_input(client, address, obj)
elif fd in self.theinput:
obj = self._socket_recv(fd)
if obj: self._handle_input(client, address, obj)
#else: continue
except (KeyboardInterrupt, ConnectionClosed):
print '\nexiting...'
def _handle_input(self, client, address, obj):
if obj['type'] == 'ack':
# save server info and send range.
self._add_client(address, obj)
range_data = self._calc_range(obj['data']['perform'])
self._socket_send(client, range_data)
elif obj['type'] == 'result':
# receive calculation data from compute and send a new range.
client_obj = self._get_client(address, obj)
#if not client_obj:
#raise UnknownServer('Server %s has not sent Ack.' % address[1])
range_data = self._calc_range(obj['data']['perform'])
self._socket_send(client, range_data)
elif obj['type'] == 'report':
# if a request for a report is made, send all info
report_data = self._format_report()
self._socket_send(client, report_data)
elif obj['type'] == 'kill':
for socket in self.theinput:
if socket != self.listen:
data = {'type': 'kill'}
self._socket_send(socket, data)
def _socket_send(self, sock, obj):
data = json.dumps(obj)
if DEBUG == 1: print 'outgoing: ', data
sock.sendall('%s%s' % (data, CRLF))
def _socket_recv(self, sock):
data = sock.recv(4096)
return False # do nothing!!
sizepos = data.find(CRLF)
if sizepos == -1:
return False
data = data[:sizepos]
if DEBUG == 1: print 'incoming: ', data
return json.loads(data)
def _add_client(self, address, obj):
if not self._get_client(address, obj):
self.clients.append({'id': address[1], 'host': address[0],
'perform': obj['data']['perform']})
return True
return False
def _get_client(self, address, obj):
for client in self.clients:
if address[1] == client['id']:
return client
return False
def _calc_range(self, perform):
upper = math.floor(self.highest_sent + (perform * 4000))
if upper <= sys.maxint:
out = {'type': 'range', 'data': {'lower': self.highest_sent, 'upper': self.highest_sent}}
out = {'type': 'range', 'data': {'lower': self.highest_sent, 'upper': upper}}
self.highest_sent = upper
return out
def _save_result(self, data):
self.highest_recvd = data['upper']
def _format_report(self):
return {'type': 'result',
'data': {'highest_recvd': self.highest_recvd,
'perfect_numbers': self.perfect_numbers,
'clients': self.clients }}
if __name__ == "__main__":
if not len(sys.argv) == 3:
print 'usage: manage host port'
server = Manage(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
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