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Reuse HTML

with Modest

Build Status

        <news-article demo>
          <author>Jane Doe</author>


  1. Templates look like HTML
  2. Easily build large templates out of small ones
  3. Clean separation of languages: javascript is javascript and HTML is HTML. Get rid of HTML snippets inside javascript.
  4. Less logic than "logicless" templates. It doesn't turn HTML into a programming language.
  5. Use stand-alone or with a framework, e.g. backbone, meteor, etc.
  6. Use "demo" elements to preview a design--they go away when compiled for production.
  7. Pass-through parameters are easier than "partials." Documentation and Example




  1. Download modest-preview.js.
  2. Put <script src="modest-preview.js"></script> in the head of your html file (after jquery).

Compile to Production*

  1. Install node.js (once)
  2. npm install -g modest (once)
  3. Go into your project directory
  4. type modest OR use grunt-modest

Report Bugs


modest-preview.js runs in the browser, and depends on jquery.

To compile to production, you need:

See the installation instructions for node-gyp for more information.

Development How-To

Change directories into your local clone and type

npm install

to get the node.js dependencies. After you make your changes, make sure your tests are run by test/all.js. The tests use vows. Make sure the tests still pass by running

npm test


Permission is granted under the MIT license.