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iOS has an issue with NSProxy objects under ARC, probably most commonly seen when mocking delegates with OCMock. This project includes an XCode project that can be built and tested to demonstrate the issue.

The Issue

Basically, given a delegate protocol and a class that uses a delegate:

@interface SomeClass : NSObject
@property (nonatomic, weak) id<SomeDelegateProtocol> delegate;

Assigning a mock to that delegate property will see the mock immediately nilled, even though it's held elsewhere with a strong reference.

- (void)testSomeMethod {
  SomeClass *object = [[SomeClass alloc] init];
  id delegate = [OCMockObject mockForProtocol:@protocol(SomeDelegateProtocol)];
  object.delegate = delegate;
  STAssertNotNil(delegate, @"should have created delegate");
  STAssertNotNil(object.delegate, @"should have assigned delegate");

The first assertion is there to illustrate that the actual object is not deallocated, just the weak reference is lost. I don't understand why the reference is nilled, since the object is not deallocated.