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The idea

Letter Tap is an implementation of a one-dimensional input keyboard. Inspired by Jean-Dominique Bauby it is primarily and initially meant to be used as an assistive technology. I envision that it will be used by someone who can tap a device without precision to communicate to a carer or loved one nearby, also watching the screen.

Hypothetical uses include other one dimensional input situations such as smart watches, or assistive devices controlled by facial movements.


The current initial prototype is a client side web implementation. There are advantages to creating a native tablet application (such as native autocorrect and predictive text functions), and this may come at a later stage.

It uses jQuery Mobile and is targetted at my iPad mini and iPhone 5. It should be responsive enough to work on most touch devices.


One letter shows at a time, taking up most of the screen. The rest of the screen is used to show the word currently typed, and a couple of buttons for the carer of the user. These buttons are Clear and Settings.

The only settings are to use a frequency-of-use sorted alphabet instead of the normal alphabet and speed options.

Roadmap and known issues

  • Add a "Yes" / "No" alphabet