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Lisp for the Web

This is the source code accompanying my book Lisp for the Web, a Common Lisp web development tutorial. You can get the book at Leanpub. I hope you like it and may the parentheses be with you.

Lisp for the Web.


There are three versions of the source code:

  1. web_with_proto_backend.lisp : this is the initial code, developed with a prototypic in-memory backend. In the tutorial we migrate the code to a persistent storage.
  2. web_with_persistent_backend.lisp : the same code but backed by a persistent storage. In the tutorial I illustrate how to integrate mongoDB in Common Lisp.
  3. map_reduce_in_mongo.lisp : a minimalistic version of retro games used to illustrate the MapReduce algorithm invoked on the mongo database node.