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"en-US": {
"alert_ipad_power": "iPadOS only supports the Do Not Disturb trigger method since it lacks Low Power Mode support.",
"alert_ipad_power_title": "Cannot Start Background Automations",
"alert_no_action": "An action must be defined in order for start Background Automations. To resolve, follow these steps:\n\n1. Tap OK.\n\n2. Tap Set Action.\n\n3. Choose a shortcut, deck, or card to run.\n\n4. Tap Start Background Automations.",
"alert_no_action_title": "Cannot Start Background Automations",
"alert_notifications": "To adjust notifications in Shortcuts:\n\n1. Tap OK to open Screen Time.\n\n2. Tap See All Activity.\n\n3. Tap a day in the Notifications section.\n\n4. Tap Shortcuts.\n\n5. Adjust notification settings for Shortcuts.",
"alert_start": "Tap OK to start Background Automations and toggle {{METHOD}} twice.\n\nIf you have set up your Personal Automations correctly for enabling and disabling {{METHOD}}, the action will run.\n\nBackground Automations will then wait about {{INTERVAL}} seconds before repeating this process.",
"label_action": "⚡️ Action:",
"label_method_dnd": "💤 Trigger Method: Do Not Disturb",
"label_method_power": "🔋Trigger Method: Low Power Mode",
"label_seconds": "seconds",
"menu_action": "⚡️ Set Action",
"menu_action_test": "Test Action",
"menu_apps": "Get Apps and Shortcuts…",
"menu_back": "Back",
"menu_get_autocuts": "Get MFC Deck Autocuts shortcut",
"menu_get_mfcdeck": "Get MFC Deck app",
"menu_get_update": "Update This Shortcut",
"menu_help": "Help…",
"menu_help_automations": "Personal Automation Instructions…",
"menu_interval": "⏱ Interval: ",
"menu_manual": "Manual Input…",
"menu_method": "Set Trigger Method",
"menu_mfcdeck": "Open MFC Deck…",
"menu_more": "More…",
"menu_notifications": "Shortcuts Notification Settings…",
"menu_quit": "Quit",
"menu_reset": "🛑 Reset",
"menu_run_card": "Run Card…",
"menu_run_deck": "Run Deck…",
"menu_run_shortcut": "Run Shortcut…",
"menu_run_shortcut_launchcuts": "Run Shortcut in LaunchCuts…",
"menu_start": "▶️ Start Background Automations…",
"prompt_action": "Choose Action:",
"prompt_card": "Choose card:",
"prompt_card_deck": "Choose deck:",
"prompt_deck": "Choose deck to run:",
"prompt_deck_open": "Choose deck to open:",
"prompt_folder": "Choose a folder:",
"prompt_manual": "Enter manual action:",
"prompt_shortcut": "Choose shortcut to run:"