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"English": {
"alert_about": "Automate location-based tasks with GeoCuts!\n\nRun shortcuts or send messages based on your current location.\n\nConfigure your location triggers to repeat once, hourly, daily, or every time you enter or exit a location.\n\nUse GeoCuts with Cronios to automatically monitor your location triggers throughout the day.\n\nLearn more at:",
"alert_currentLocation": "Retrieving your current location using Get Current Location. This may take a few moments.",
"alert_currentLocation_weather": "Retrieving your current location using Get Current Weather. This may take a moment.",
"alert_currentLocation_warning": "If any of your location triggers have invalid locations, getting the current location will cause Shortcuts to error and quit.\n\nRelaunching GeoCuts will disable this preference, and you must correct your location triggers before you can re-enable it.",
"alert_docs_localization": "Displaying GeoCuts documentation in English, since it is not available in {{Language}}. If you would like to help translate GeoCuts, please visit {{Localization URL}}.",
"alert_disabled": "GeoCuts monitoring is currently turned off. Open to the GeoCuts Home screen and tap Enable Monitoring…",
"alert_disabled_title": "Monitoring Disabled",
"alert_cronJob_frequency": "Calling GeoCuts this frequently means your iOS device will switching to the Shortcuts app every {{frequency}} minutes to retrieve the current location and evaluate your location triggers.\n\nThis is useful when you are passively using your iOS device (i.e. going out for a walk or run).\n\nIf you plan to actively use your iOS device, however, consider adjusting the cron job to check less frequently.",
"alert_cronJob_frequency_title": "GeoCuts Cron Job Frequency",
"alert_import_cronJob": "Tap OK to import into Cronios.\n\nIf Import Active Status is enabled in Cronios Settings, the cron job will run automatically when you enter `Run Continuously` mode in Cronios. Otherwise edit the cron job and tap Enable.\n\nFrom the Edit screen, you can also adjust the cron schedule expression better suit the frequency of checks, which is currently set to every {{frequency}} minutes.",
"alert_import_multiple": "The default location trigger template will be applied to the imported locations.",
"alert_import_multiple_title": "Import Multiple Locations",
"alert_import_success": "Number of location triggers imported: {{Num Imported}}\nNumber of locations triggers skipped: {{Num Skipped}}",
"alert_import_success_title": "Location Triggers Imported",
"alert_mapsURL_clipboard": "The maps URL to this location has been copied to the clipboard",
"alert_reminder_created_title": "New GeoCuts Reminder Created",
"alert_reminder_created": "You will be reminded to run GeoCuts in order to run:",
"alert_setup_complete": "GeoCuts is ready to run shortcuts and send messages based on your location.\n\nYou can run your location triggers manually at any time by tapping Run Once.\n\nIf you want to automatically monitor your locations throughout the day, you must install Cronios and add the GeoCuts cron job.\n\nTap Help… from the GeoCuts Home screen to learn how to do this and more. Enjoy using GeoCuts!",
"alert_setup_complete_title": "Initial Setup Complete",
"alert_setup_helper": "Use the GeoCuts Helper shortcut from the iOS Home screen or Siri to immediately evaluate your location triggers.\n\nIn Maps and Contacts, add new location triggers to GeoCuts by choosing Shortcuts > GeoCuts Helper from the iOS Share Sheet.\n\nInstall GeoCuts Helper from the top of GeoCuts Home or from Settings.",
"alert_setup_helper_title": "GeoCuts Helper",
"alert_shortcuts_retrieval": "This may take a few moments.",
"alert_shortcuts_retrieval_title": "GeoCuts: Retrieving a list of your shortcuts.",
"alert_success": "The `{{Location Trigger}}` location trigger successfully ran.",
"alert_update_none": "You are currently running the latest version of GeoCuts.",
"alert_update_none_title": "No Update Available",
"debug_endLoop": "Next Function:",
"error_activeTimes_outOfBounds": "The end time was before the start time.",
"error_activeTimes_outOfBounds_title": "Invalid Time",
"error_cache": "GeoCuts must reload its menu cache. Please try again after the Home screen appears",
"error_cronios": "Cronios is not installed on this iOS device. Download it from",
"error_cronios_title": "Cronios Not Installed",
"error_location_invalid": "An error occurred while running GeoCuts. Either the current location could not be retrieved or one of your location triggers may have an invalid location.\n\nYou must correct this before location trigger monitoring can work again.",
"error_location_invalid_title": "Error Detected While Running GeoCuts",
"error_offline": "You must be connected to the internet for this feature of GeoCuts to work.",
"error_offline_title": "No Network Connection",
"error_repeatInterval": "Repeat Interval cannot be a negative number. Setting Repeat Interval to minimum value of 1.",
"error_repeatInterval_title": "Repeat Interval Error",
"error_triggerRadius": "Trigger Radius cannot be a negative number.",
"error_triggerRadius_title": "Trigger Radius Error",
"frequency_10": "Every 10 minutes",
"frequency_15": "Every 15 minutes",
"frequency_30": "Every 30 minutes",
"frequency_5": "Every 5 minutes",
"frequency_2": "Every 2 minutes",
"label_days": "Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday",
"label_days_abbreviated": "Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat",
"label_days_everyday": "Every Day",
"label_days_none": "None",
"label_filter_none": "Showing all",
"label_kilometers": "Kilometers",
"label_kilometers_abbr": "km",
"label_launchAction_1": "GeoCuts Home",
"label_launchAction_2": "New Location Trigger",
"label_launchAction_3": "Run Once",
"label_launchAction_4": "Show Menu",
"label_location": "Location:",
"label_mapsApp": "Maps",
"label_miles": "Miles",
"label_miles_abbr": "mi.",
"label_no": "No",
"label_triggerRadius": "Triggers Within:",
"label_triggerRadius_exit": "Triggers Outside:",
"label_yes": "Yes",
"menu_back": "Back",
"menu_bulkEdit_back": "Back",
"menu_bulkEdit_clearLastRun": "Clear Last Run State",
"menu_bulkEdit_delete": "Delete…",
"menu_bulkEdit_disable": "Disable",
"menu_bulkEdit_enable": "Enable",
"menu_bulkEdit_export": "Export…",
"menu_bulkEdit_tags_add": "Add Tags…",
"menu_bulkEdit_tags_clear": "Clear Tags",
"menu_bulkEdit_triggerRadius": "Trigger Radius…",
"menu_currentLocation_confirm": "OK",
"menu_currentLocation_dontShowAgain": "OK, and Don't Show Again",
"menu_distanceUnit_convert": "Convert",
"menu_distanceUnit_milesToKilometers": "Convert From Miles to Kilometers",
"menu_distanceUnit_kilometersToMiles": "Convert From Kilometers to Miles",
"menu_distanceUnit_cancel": "Don't Convert",
"menu_donate_already": "I've Already Donated",
"menu_donate_confirm": "Donate Now…",
"menu_donate_later": "Donate Later",
"menu_edit_entry_clear": "Clear Last Run Date",
"menu_edit_entry_delete": "Delete…",
"menu_edit_entry_disable": "Disable",
"menu_edit_entry_edit": "Edit…",
"menu_edit_entry_enable": "Enable",
"menu_edit_entry_view": "View in {{Maps App}}…",
"menu_entry_actions": "Actions",
"menu_entry_back": "Back",
"menu_entry_command": "Command",
"menu_entry_command_add": "Add Command…",
"menu_entry_command_description": "Tap to change command.",
"menu_entry_command_message": "Send a Text Message…",
"menu_entry_command_message": "No Command",
"menu_entry_command_shortcut": "Run a Shortcut…",
"menu_entry_delete": "Delete…",
"menu_entry_delete_cancel": "Don't Delete",
"menu_entry_delete_confirm": "Delete",
"menu_entry_export": "Export…",
"menu_entry_home": "Home",
"menu_entry_location": "Location",
"menu_entry_location_distanceTo": "Distance to:",
"menu_entry_location_set": "Set Location…",
"menu_entry_maps": "Map Options…",
"menu_entry_maps_directions": "Get Directions Using {{Maps App}}…",
"menu_entry_maps_open": "Open in {{Maps App}}…",
"menu_entry_maps_url": "Get Maps URL…",
"menu_entry_message": "Message…",
"menu_entry_message_description": "Tap to change message…",
"menu_entry_name_description": "Tap to edit the name…",
"menu_entry_options": "Options",
"menu_entry_recipient": "Recipient…",
"menu_entry_recipient_description": "Tap to change recipient…",
"menu_entry_reminders": "Add to Reminders…",
"menu_entry_repeat": "Repeat",
"menu_entry_repeat_daily": "Repeats Daily",
"menu_entry_repeat_daily_description": "This location trigger will run once a calendar day.",
"menu_entry_repeat_days": "Days…",
"menu_entry_repeat_days_description": "Number of days between triggers:",
"menu_entry_repeat_everytime": "Run Every Time",
"menu_entry_repeat_everytime_description": "This will run every time GeoCuts runs.",
"menu_entry_repeat_hours": "Hours…",
"menu_entry_repeat_hours_description": "Number of hours between triggers:",
"menu_entry_repeat_minutes": "Minutes…",
"menu_entry_repeat_minutes_description": "Number of minutes between triggers:",
"menu_entry_repeat_none": "Run Once and Disable",
"menu_entry_repeat_none_description": "This location trigger will disable itself on success.",
"menu_entry_repeat_once": "Run Once and Disable",
"menu_entry_repeat_once_description": "This location trigger will disable itself on success",
"menu_entry_reset": "Clear Last Run Date",
"menu_entry_reset_description": "Last Run:",
"menu_entry_revert": "Revert to Default Location Trigger…",
"menu_entry_revert_cancel": "Don't Revert",
"menu_entry_revert_confirm": "Revert",
"menu_entry_schedule": "Schedule",
"menu_entry_schedule_days": "Active Days…",
"menu_entry_schedule_time": "Active Hours…",
"menu_entry_schedule_time_clear": "Clear Active Hours",
"menu_entry_schedule_time_set": "Set Active Hours…",
"menu_entry_settings": "Back to Settings",
"menu_entry_shortcut": "Shortcut",
"menu_entry_shortcut_change": "Tap to choose another shortcut…",
"menu_entry_shortcut_choose": "Tap to choose a shortcut…",
"menu_entry_shortcut_edit": "Edit Shortcut…",
"menu_entry_shortcut_input": "Set Shortcut Input…",
"menu_entry_shortcut_input_description": "Tap to provide input to your shortcut.",
"menu_entry_shortcut_run": "Test Shortcut…",
"menu_entry_shortcut_search": "Search…",
"menu_entry_successNotification": "Display Notification When Run",
"menu_entry_tags": "Tags…",
"menu_entry_toggle": "Enable Location Trigger",
"menu_entry_toggle_description": "Monitoring will occur when Cronios is active.",
"menu_entry_toggle_description_off": "",
"menu_entry_triggerOnExit": "Trigger on Exit",
"menu_entry_triggerOnExit_description": "Runs when you enter and exit this location.",
"menu_entry_triggerOnExit_description_off": "Runs when you enter this location.",
"menu_entry_triggerRadius": "Trigger Radius…",
"menu_entry_triggerRadius_description": "Tap to adjust trigger radius…",
"menu_erase_cancel": "Don't Erase",
"menu_erase_content": "Erase All Content & Settings…",
"menu_erase_menu_caches": "Clear Menu Caches",
"menu_import_command_default": "Use Default Command",
"menu_import_command_all": "Set Command For All…",
"menu_main_about": "About",
"menu_main_actions": "Actions",
"menu_main_bulkEdit": "Bulk Edit…",
"menu_main_bulkEditAll": "Bulk Edit All…",
"menu_main_cronios": "Cronios",
"menu_main_cronios_import": "Add GeoCuts Cron Job to Cronios…",
"menu_main_cronios_update": "Update GeoCuts in Cronios…",
"menu_main_cronios_run": "Run Continously Via Cronios…",
"menu_main_cronios_run_description": "Launches Cronios in `Run Continuously` mode",
"menu_main_currentLocation": "Get Current Location…",
"menu_main_currentLocation_update": "Update Current Location…",
"menu_main_donate": "Tip Jar",
"menu_main_exit": "Exit",
"menu_main_filter": "Filter…",
"menu_main_filter_run": "Run Only Filtered Location Triggers",
"menu_main_filter_run_description": "Only filtered location triggers will be evaluated.",
"": "All location triggers will be evaluated.",
"menu_main_help": "Help",
"menu_main_import": "Import Location Triggers…",
"menu_main_locationTriggers": "Location Triggers",
"menu_main_new": "New Location Trigger…",
"menu_main_nextSteps": "Next Steps",
"menu_main_new_currentLocation": "New with Current Location…",
"menu_main_openMapsAfterRun": "Open {{Maps App}} After Running",
"menu_main_openMapsAfterRun_description": "Enable this when actively getting directions.",
"menu_main_run": "Run GeoCuts",
"menu_main_settings": "Settings",
"menu_main_showLocation_current": "Show Current Location…",
"menu_main_showLocation_last": "Show Last Location…",
"menu_main_runOnce": "Run Once…",
"menu_main_toggle": "Enable Location Monitoring",
"menu_main_toggle_description": "All active location triggers will be monitored.",
"menu_main_toggle_description_off": "No location triggers will be monitored.",
"menu_main_tools": "Tools",
"menu_reset_cancel": "Don't Reset",
"menu_reset_settings": "Reset Settings…",
"menu_reminders_delete_confirm": "Delete Reminders",
"menu_reminders_delete_cancel": "Don't Delete",
"menu_schedule_confirm": "Set Active Schedule Now…",
"menu_schedule_cancel": "Set Up Later",
"menu_schedule_allDays": "Every Day",
"menu_schedule_customDays": "Set Custom Active Days…",
"menu_schedule_defaultDays": "Use Default Active Days…",
"menu_schedule_allTimes": "Run Any Time…",
"menu_schedule_customTimes": "Set Custom Active Times…",
"menu_schedule_defaultTimes": "Use Default Active Times…",
"menu_shortcut_default_choose": "Choose Another Shortcut…",
"menu_shortcut_default_confirm": "Use Default Shortcut",
"menu_settings_advanced": "Advanced",
"menu_settings_back": "Back to Home",
"menu_settings_clearLogs": "Clear Logs…",
"menu_settings_clear_shortcutIcons": "Clear Shortcuts Icons Cache",
"menu_settings_currentLocationStartup": "Get Current Location at Startup",
"menu_settings_currentLocation_label": "Current Location",
"menu_settings_currentWeather": "Use Get Current Weather",
"menu_settings_currentWeather_description": "Fast but less accurate than Current Location.",
"menu_settings_currentWeather_description_off": "Use slower but more accurate Current Location.",
"menu_settings_debug": "Enable Debug Mode",
"menu_settings_debug_description": "",
"menu_settings_default": "Edit Default Location Trigger…",
"menu_settings_defaultMapsApp": "Set Default Mapping App…",
"menu_settings_defaults": "Defaults",
"menu_settings_descriptionLabels": "Show Description Labels",
"menu_settings_descriptionLabels_description": "Displays trigger options on Home screen",
"menu_settings_export": "Export Location Triggers…",
"menu_settings_general": "General",
"menu_settings_helper": "Install GeoCuts Helper Shortcut…",
"menu_settings_home": "Back to Home",
"menu_settings_language": "Change Language…",
"menu_settings_localization": "Help Localize GeoCuts…",
"menu_settings_launchAction": "Launch Action",
"menu_settings_lockDetection": "Enable Lock Detection",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_description": "Prompts to unlock device before monitoring.",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_description_off": "Monitoring disabled when screen is off.",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_label": "Lock Detection",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_mute": "Don't Evaluate if Device is Muted",
"menu_settings_lockDetectionVoice": "Audibly Ask to Unlock Your Device",
"menu_settings_lockDetectionVoice_description_off": "A notification banner will prompt you to unlock.",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_volume": "Set Unlock Prompt Volume…",
"menu_settings_lockDetection_volume_0": "Use current system volume",
"menu_settings_log": "Enable Logs",
"menu_settings_logLevel": "Log Level",
"menu_settings_logLevel_0": "No logging",
"menu_settings_logLevel_1": "Basic logging",
"menu_settings_logLevel_2": "Extended logging",
"menu_settings_logLevel_3": "Developer logging",
"menu_settings_logLocation": "Enable Locations Log",
"menu_settings_onlineCheck": "Check if Online",
"menu_settings_onlineCheck_description": "Will use Get Current IP to determine online status.",
"menu_settings_onlineCheck_description_off": "Always returns true for online status.",
"menu_settings_quickEdit": "Use Quick Edit Menu",
"menu_settings_quickEdit_description": "Tap a location trigger to see an edit menu.",
"menu_settings_quickEdit_description_off": "Tap a location trigger to edit it.",
"menu_settings_reset": "Reset…",
"menu_settings_switchToShortcutsImmediately": "Switch Immediately to Shortcuts",
"menu_settings_switchToShortcutsImmediately_description": "Immediately switch to Shortcuts while running.",
"menu_settings_switchToShortcutsImmediately_description_off": "Notify and wait 2 seconds before switching.",
"menu_settings_tools": "Tools",
"menu_settings_unlockPrompt": "Custom Unlock Prompt…",
"menu_settings_update": "Check for Updates…",
"menu_settings_useMiles": "Use Miles",
"menu_settings_useMiles_description": "Trigger radius values are in miles.",
"menu_settings_useMiles_description_off": "Trigger radius values are in kilometers.",
"menu_settings_useSimpleIcons": "Use Simple Icons",
"menu_settings_useSimpleIcons_description": "Speeds up menu display performance",
"menu_settings_useSimpleIcons_description_off": "",
"menu_settings_viewLogs": "View Logs…",
"menu_settings_wizard": "Use Location Trigger Assistant",
"menu_settings_wizard_description": "Guides you in creating new location triggers.",
"menu_setup_cronios": "Learn More About Cronios…",
"menu_setup_cronJob": "Add GeoCuts Cron Job to Cronios…",
"menu_setup_currentLocation_fast": "Use Get Current Weather",
"menu_setup_currentLocation_accurate": "Use Get Current Location",
"menu_setup_finish": "Finish Setup",
"menu_setup_help": "Read the Documentation…",
"menu_setup_home": "Go to GeoCuts Home…",
"menu_setup_lockDetection_enable": "Enable Lock Detection…",
"menu_setup_lockDetection_disable": "Disable Lock Detection",
"menu_setup_new": "Create a Location Trigger…",
"menu_setup_nextSteps": "Next Steps…",
"menu_setup_nextSteps_done": "I Have Completed These Steps",
"menu_setup_nextSteps_later": "I Will Finish These Later",
"menu_triggerOnExit_enter": "When I Arrive…",
"menu_triggerOnExit_exit": "When I Leave…",
"menu_update_confirm": "Download Update…",
"menu_update_cancel": "Update Later",
"prompt_bulkEdit": "Select location triggers to edit.",
"prompt_bulkEdit_edit": "Choose an action to perform on the selected location triggers.",
"prompt_command": "Choose a command to run with this location trigger.",
"prompt_currentLocation": "Current Location:",
"prompt_default_locationTrigger": "Editing Default Location Trigger",
"prompt_delete": "Delete the selected location trigger? This operation cannot be undone.\n\nIf you created a location-reminder in Reminders for this location trigger, you will be prompted to delete it too.",
"prompt_delete_plural": "Delete the selected location triggers? This operation cannot be undone.\n\nIf you created any location-reminders in Reminders for this location triggers, you will be prompted to delete them too.",
"prompt_distanceUnit_kilometersToMiles": "Would you like to convert the trigger radius values for your existing location triggers from kilometers to miles?",
"prompt_distanceUnit_milesToKilometers": "Would you like to convert the trigger radius values for your existing location triggers from miles to kilometers?",
"prompt_donate": "Enjoing GeoCuts? I'd appreciate a tip!",
"prompt_erase_content": "Are you sure you want to delete all GeoCuts content and settings for this device?\n\nThis operation cannot be undone. ",
"prompt_erase_content2": "Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to delete all GeoCuts content and settings for this device?\n\nThis operation cannot be undone.",
"prompt_frequency": "Add/Update GeoCuts Cron Job in Cronios\n\nHow often do you want the GeoCuts cron job to run in Cronios? Check times begin from the top of the minute.",
"prompt_import": "Paste in a GeoCuts Location Trigger dictionary to import into GeoCuts. Only new location triggers with new IDs will be imported. Existing location triggers will not be replaced.",
"prompt_import_command": "Do you want to assign the default command to all imported location triggers or choose a new command for all?",
"prompt_import_locations": "Choose a location to import.",
"prompt_lastLocation": "Last Location:",
"prompt_lastRun": "Last Run:",
"prompt_launchAction": "Choose an action to perform when launching GeoCuts.",
"prompt_location": "Trigger Location\n\nEnsure the location is valid before running Cronios and GeoCuts, as invalid locations will cause Shortcuts to exit with an error.\n\nEnter {{Current Location}} to create a location trigger that always runs wherever you are. Tapping OK with an empty location will return to the GeoCuts Home screen.",
"prompt_lockDetection_volume": "Set the volume of the unlock prompt between 0 (current volume) and 1 (max).",
"prompt_logLevel": "Choose your level of logging:\n\nBasic: Logs which Location Triggers have run.\n\nExtended: Keeps track of locations you have visited when GeoCuts is running (recommended).\n\nDeveloper: Records additional information for troubleshooting your Location Triggers.",
"prompt_main": "GeoCuts",
"prompt_message": "Enter the message you will send to the recipient when arriving at the location.",
"prompt_name": "Enter a name for your location trigger.",
"prompt_openApp": "GeoCuts must switch to Shortcuts to evaluate your location triggers.",
"prompt_quickEdit": "Quick Edit:",
"prompt_recipient": "Separate recipients with new lines. There is a max of 5 recipients.",
"prompt_reminder": "In case Cronios is not running when you enter or exit a location, would you like to add a location reminder in the Reminders app?",
"prompt_reminders_delete": "You may already have reminders for this location trigger in Reminders. Delete the existing ones?",
"prompt_repeat": "Repeat Interval\n\nConfigure the minimum amount of time to wait before this location trigger can run again.",
"prompt_repeat_days": "Set the minimum number of calendar days before this location trigger can run again. The schedule resets at midnight the next day.",
"prompt_repeat_hours": "Set the minimum number of hours before this location trigger can run again.",
"prompt_repeat_minutes": "Set the minimum number of minutes before this location trigger can run again.",
"prompt_reset": "Reset GeoCuts settings or erase all content and settings for GeoCuts?",
"prompt_reset_settings": "Are you sure you want to reset GeoCuts settings on this device?\n\nNone of your location triggers or logs will be affected.",
"prompt_revert": "Revert back to the default location trigger? This operation cannot be undone.",
"prompt_schedule": "Do you want to set the times and days this Location Trigger is active?\n\nIf you choose Set Up Later, this Location Trigger will use the default settings.",
"prompt_schedule_days": "Select the days you want the location trigger to run.\n\nIf you deselect every day, all days will be used.",
"prompt_schedule_endTime": "Set the end time for the location trigger.",
"prompt_schedule_startTime": "Set the start time for the location trigger.",
"prompt_schedule_time": "You can set your location trigger to run only within a specific timeframe during the day.",
"prompt_shortcut_default": "You have `{{shortcut}}` set as a default shortcut for new location triggers. Use that shortcut or choose another?",
"prompt_shortcut_input": "Shortcut Input (Optional)\n\nEnter input to be sent to this shortcut when the location trigger runs.\n\nInput will be placed under the `Input` key of the GeoCuts Dictionary.",
"prompt_settings": "GeoCuts Settings",
"prompt_setup_nextSteps": "Complete your GeoCuts setup by installing the GeoCuts Helper shortcut and adding the GeoCuts cron job to Cronios.",
"prompt_setup_cronios": "Setup 6/6: GeoCuts and Cronios\n\nCronios automatically runs your shortcuts in the background on a schedule of your choosing.\n\nAdd GeoCuts to Cronios to evaluate your location triggers periodically throughout the day.",
"prompt_setup_currentLocation": "Setup 2/6: Current Location\n\nChoose the method to retrieve the current location:\n\nGet Current Location: More accurate but slower\n\nGet Current Weather: Faster but less accurate",
"prompt_setup_distanceUnit": "Setup 1/6: Distance Unit\n\nChoose your preferred unit of measurement for entering location trigger radius values.",
"prompt_setup_distanceUnit_convert": "Looks like you already have some location triggers installed. Do you want to convert the existing trigger radius values from one distance unit to another?",
"prompt_setup_lockDetection": "Setup 4/6: Lock Detection\n\nGeoCuts can audibly ask you to unlock your device if it detects your screen is off.",
"prompt_setup_lockDetectionPrompt": "Enter the phrase GeoCuts will speak when it detects your device is locked.",
"prompt_setup_log": "Setup 5/6: Logging \n\n",
"prompt_setup_mapsApp": "Setup 3/6: Default Mapping Application\n\nChoose the default mapping application. If you do not have either Google Maps or Waze installed, choose Maps.",
"prompt_setup_complete": "What would you like to do next in GeoCuts?",
"prompt_shortcut": "Choose a shortcut to run with this location trigger.",
"prompt_shortcut_input_choice": "Would you like to add some input to the shortcut when this location trigger runs?",
"prompt_shortcut_input": "Input to the shortcut will be contained within the GeoCuts Dictionary under the `Input` dictionary key.",
"prompt_shortcut_search": "Search for shortcuts by name.\n\nSeparate multiple search terms by new lines. Search terms are case-sensitive.",
"prompt_tags": "Tags (Optional)\n\nLocation triggers can be filtered from the GeoCuts Home screen using tags.\n\nSeparate tags with new lines.",
"prompt_tags_filter": "Filter location triggers by tag. Leave blank to show all location triggers.",
"prompt_triggerOnExit": "Do you want this location trigger to run when you arrive at or leave this location?",
"prompt_triggerRadius": "Enter the maximum distance in {{distance unit}} around the location where you want the trigger to occur.\n\n{{Location}}",
"prompt_unlock": "You will need to unlock this device to retrieve the current location and continue evaluating your location triggers.",
"prompt_unlock_edit": "Enter the prompt that will be shown or spoken to you when your device is locked.",
"prompt_update": "GeoCuts {{version}} is available. Would you like to download it now?\n\nRelease Notes\n{{notes}}",
"prompt_viewLogs": "GeoCuts Logs"
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