A module to forward certain ejabberd notifications to an arbitrary url
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Forward several types of messages as post requests to an arbitrary url.

mod_offline_post forwards messages that are sent to offline users through a post request to a configurable url mod_available_post sends a post request with information about a user that has become available mod_unavailable_post sends a post request with information about a user that has gone offline


Between ejabberd 2.1.13 and 13.10 there were significant changes and modules compiled for one version don't directly work with the other version. There is an ejabberd_2.1.13 branch for versions of these modules that work with ejabberd 2.1.13


  • Make sure you have erlang installed on the machine you are building from
    • You probably want this to be the same machine you intend to install/run ejabberd on. I'm not sure about the interoperability of ejabberd/erlang versions.
  • Open the Emakefile and change /usr/local/Cellar/ejabberd/2.1.10/lib/ejabberd/include to the correct path on your machine
  • Run the build.sh script to build *.beam files
  • Copy the *.beam files from the ebin directory to the location where the other modules are for your server
  • Add the configuration shown below to your ejabberd.cfg file, providing the correct values for auth_token, and post_url

Example Configuration:

	% configuration for ejabberd upto version 13.10
	{mod_offline_post, [
		{auth_token, "offline_post_auth_token"},
		{post_url, "http://localhost:4567/offline_post"}
	{mod_available_post, [
		{auth_token, "mod_available_post"},
		{post_url, "http://localhost:4567/available_post"}
	{mod_unavailable_post, [
		{auth_token, "unavailable_post_auth_token"},
		{post_url, "http://localhost:4567/unavailable_post"}

# configuration for ejabberd >= 13.10
		auth_token: "offline_post_auth_token"
		post_url: "http://localhost:4567/offline_post"

		auth_token: "available_post_auth_token"
		post_url: "http://localhost:4567/available_post"

		auth_token: "unavailable_post_auth_token"
		post_url: "http://localhost:4567/unavailable_post"


The application running at the post_url will receive a post http request with the following form parameters.

	"body"=>"Does it still work?"




The modules herein are almost entirely based on mod_offline_prowl written by Robert George rgeorge@midnightweb.net They retain the original author's license.

The original post about mod_offline_prowl can be found here