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Node.js log Dissector


A toolkit for dissecting/parsing information from logfiles using Node.js. If you add your own please shout them back if you think they'll be useful.

Originally crafted by adamvr

Build Status

Build Status

Example Usage

//you don't have to specify the particular dissector here - but we do
var dissector = require('node-log-dissector').dissectors['s3'];

var stream = fs.createReadStream('./my_s3.log', {flags: 'r', encoding: 'utf-8', autoClose: true}).on('readable', function() {;

stream.on('data', function(data) {

Log Dissectors included

  • ssh invalid users
  • ssh login
  • ssh logout
  • sudo failure
  • sudo sucess
  • Amazon S3 access logs
  • Amazon CloudFront access logs (v1.0)
  • Level3 CDN access logs



  • Added
  • Published independently of original project git://


  • Added level3 cdn access logs processor
  • Added test for level3 parser using Mocha
  • Added travis build support
  • Improved s3 parsing
  • Added test for s3 parser
  • removed excess util ref


  • Added a cloudfront v1.0 log parser
  • It's 2015. Now using docker (ftw!) to develop and test (official Node v0.10.36 container):
    sudo docker run \
     -it --rm --name npm_test \ 
     -v $PWD:/app -w /app \ 
     node:0.10.36 \