☠️ macOS menu bar application for tracking crypto coin prices.
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☠️ CoinMarketCap have deprecated their public API, and I no longer maintain this app.

CoinBar is an open source macOS menu bar app for tracking the price of crypto coins. It's written in Swift 4 and consumes the CoinMarketCap JSON API.

screenshot-01 screenshot-02 screenshot-03 screenshot-04


  • View prices of crypto coins directly from your menu bar.
  • Choose from thousands of different coins to display.
  • Supports 33 base currencies.
  • Display price % fluctuations between 1h, 24h and 7d.
  • The menu bar icon flashes when new data is available.
  • Add holdings to see the value of your stack in real time.


Head to the releases page.


Tweet me at @adamwaite with any questions or suggestions.