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Cruddy by Design

During my talk at Laracon 2017, I shared some strategies I use to split large controllers into multiple small controllers.

The core idea is to try and stick to the 7 standard REST/CRUD actions in your controllers:

  • Index
  • Show
  • Create
  • Store
  • Edit
  • Update
  • Destroy

Using this convention as a "rule" is a good way to force yourself to keep your controllers from becoming bloated, and can often lead to learning interesting new things about your domain.

For the presentation, I put together a demo app called "CastHacker" that showcases podcasts about software development. It's not a "real" app by any means (lots of imaginary features, no tests, etc.); it's just enough code to demonstrate the concepts from the presentation. Feel free to clone it and play with it locally if you like though.

I've written up each refactoring I shared in the presentation as a detailed pull request:

  1. Give nested resources a dedicated controller

  2. Treat properties edited independently as separate resources

  3. Treat pivot models as their own resource

  4. Think of different states as different resources

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