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Sublime PHPUnit

Convenient Sublime Text commands for running your PHPUnit tests. Scans up the directory tree to find the closest phpunit.xml file and runs phpunit from there. If it can't find one, it just runs phpunit from /.


Installation is as simple as cloning the repository into your Sublime Text install's Packages folder:

git clone ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/sublime-phpunit

Available Commands & Example Keybindings

You can find the commands in the command palette under "Sublime PHPUnit", or map any of these commands to whatever shortcuts you want:

Here's the full list of commands:


Here are some example keybindings:

    { "keys": ["alt+t"], "command": "run_phpunit_test"},
    { "keys": ["super+alt+t"], "command": "run_single_phpunit_test"},
    { "keys": ["super+alt+l+t"], "command": "run_last_phpunit_test"},
    { "keys": ["super+shift+t"], "command": "run_phpunit_tests_in_dir"},
    { "keys": ["super+shift+ctrl+t"], "command": "run_all_phpunit_tests"},

Using iTerm2 instead of

By default, this package uses macOS's built-in If you want to use iTerm2, you can do so changing the terminal in your settings:

    "phpunit-sublime-terminal": "iTerm",

Using fish shell

If you use fish shell, specify this in your settings:

    "phpunit-sublime-shell": "fish"

This will instruct Sublime PHPUnit to connect the commands using fish's ; and instead of bash's &&.