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gr2m commented Feb 17, 2014

I don't want to change language, but use € instead of $. number(1234).format('€0,0.00') just returns "1,234.00", ignoring the currency symbol. I've looked through the docs and the exisitng issues, but couldn't find any way to just change the currency symbol.

commel commented Mar 5, 2014

Same here. It seems that the currency symbol is simply ignored from the language file.

commel commented Mar 5, 2014

apparently i did something wrong. now it works.

load numeral.js
load de.js



johnnytn commented Sep 2, 2016

Any news ? I installed the module, but Just the dolar symbol seems to be working


Yes the dollar sign is what tells the format it is a currency that works in the format string. to change the symbol the locale needs to be changed

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