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Wrapper for spymemcached to access kestrel as a memcached client


(:require [kestrel.client :as kestrel])

;;create client 
(kestrel/default-client) ;; use default settings
(def kestrel2 (kestrel/default-client :host "" :port 22133)) 

;;get version of current Kestrel 

;;add and get values from Kestrel
(kestrel/set-item "uris" "")
(kestrel/set-item "uris" "")

(kestrel/get-item "uris")
(nil? (kestrel/get-item "uris")) ;; should be false
(kestrel/get-item "uris") ;; should be nil 

;;flush queue 
(kestrel/flush-queue "uris")
(kestrel/flush-all) ;its nice to start working on clean sheet

;;get stat 



Copyright (C) 2011 Adam Wynne (@AdamJWynne on twitter)

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.