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Dwelling of Duels

This is the static site generator for Dwelling of Duels.


  1. Install Python 3
  2. Ensure that you can run python and pip in your terminal
  3. Download and unzip the latest release of this software
  4. Open a terminal to the unzipped release
  5. Install python packages: pip install -r requirements.txt


Edit site.cfg to configure your build of the site. It has the following settings:

  • voting controls whether or not the site is in voting mode. Valid values are on and off.
  • deadline_date is the date displayed in the deadline section of the sidebar. It must be a date of the form YYYY-MM-DD. For example: 2016-01-31.
  • deadline_time is the time displayed in the deadline section of the sidebar.
  • archive_dir is the name of the local directory that holds the DoD archive folder. It defaults to dodarchive. You probably don't need to change this.

The deadline_* settings refer to the voting deadline when voting is set to on and the submission deadline when voting is set to off.

Add artist links to the artist-links.csv file.


Ensure that the archive_dir you specified in site.cfg directory is in the same directory as

To build for deploying to a web server:


To build for local testing:

python test

In either of the above scenarios, you will find a deploy directory containing the newly-built site.

Front Page Content

Edit to add content to the front page of the site under the banner image. This file will be parsed as Markdown when you run

DoD Lifecycle Example

Below are instructions on how to use the site through the different phases of a duel.

Beginning of Month

  1. Ensure that all tagged songs and ancillary files (banner image, listening log, etc) for the duel that just ended are in the archive_dir both locally and on the server.
  2. Set voting to off in site.cfg.
  3. Edit front page content in
  4. Regenerate the site (see Usage section above).


  1. Create the new duel's directory in archive_dir.
  2. Add anonymous MP3s and banner.jpg to the new duel's directory.
  3. Set voting to on in site.cfg.
  4. Regenerate the site (see Usage section above).