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Search for apartments near a given location. You enter the latitude and longitude of the location, and what radius you're looking within.

Apartment Finder returns a list of apartments with:

  1. The least expensive monthly rent (eg. for a studio, or one bedroom).
  2. Average Yelp rating.
  3. Number of Yelp reviews.
  4. How far the apartment is from the location you provided.

Apartment Finder will also calculate a score for each apartment. The score is between -5 and 5 (think 1-10, but centered around 0 instead of 5). The score is based on:

  1. The average Yelp rating (and weighed by the number of reviews).
  2. How far it is from the location you provided.

See getScore in utilities.js for the details.

The monthly rent prices are being scraped from I wasn't able to get prices for all apartments. I have to figure out what the correct URL is, given the name of the apartment from Yelp. But the mapping isn't always easy/possible.

To Do

  • Have a Google Maps plugin instead of having the user input the coordinates manually.
  • See if there's a way to get the correct URL more often.
  • Maybe incorporate Google reviews as well as Yelp reviews.