Basecamp-like todo lists for redmine
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Todo Lists for Redmine

This is a quick implementation of basecamp-like to-do lists. Every to-do item is an "Issue" behind the scenes - this way you can track everything in the "Issues" tab: discuss, upload files, and so on.


  1. Ruby 2.x (should work with 1.9 and 1.8 too, however there were some issues reported)
  2. PostgreSQL/MySQL/SQL Server (a few features are missing on SQL server though)
  3. Rails 4.x


  1. Clone this repo to plugins/ directory (so all files are in plugins/redmine_todos)
  2. Really make sure all the files are in plugins/redmine_todos - git clone will clone it to Redmine-Todo-lists by default so you have to rename the directory
  3. Make sure one more time everything is in plugin/redmine_todos :)
  4. Set RAILS_ENV to production (unless you explicitly want to use other environment) by running export RAILS_ENV=production
  5. Run rake redmine:plugins:migrate
  6. Configure the plugin in admin > plugins
  7. Setup per-role permissions in admin > roles (this plugin comes with multiple new types of permissions)

Do you like it?

Why don't you star this repo? It is great way to say "I like this thing!"


  1. As you probably noticed - it is really important to put it in the plugins/redmine_todos directory, if you forgot to rename the directory, you should rename it and rerun rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=...
  2. Are there tables missing in your database after the installation? There were some reports that running rake db:migrate and then re-running rake redmine:plugins:migrate may help


  • To-do lists management
  • Private to-dos and to-do lists
  • Very friendly Ajax UI - heavily inspired by basecamp and created with Angular.js
  • Enter To-do items as simple as: type, enter, type, enter
  • Add an existing issue to your To-do list by typing # and issue number
  • Reorder and move to-do items between lists with ease by dragging them
  • Reorder to-do lists by dragging them
  • Assign items to users and set due dates with a few clicks right from the list
  • If you will update an "issue" entity in a different module, this plugin will know about it
  • Manage access

Not sure? Check out these screenshots:

  1. Basic view
  2. Adding a to-do
  3. Adding a to-do list
  4. Assigning a to-do list and setting due date
  5. Reordering to-dos


  • 0% test coverage
  • Works with MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Tested only under firefox 23 and chrome 28 - it probably won't work well with IE (especially that angular.js is involved and no compability changes were performed)
  • Info for devs: I noticed that on dev server (WEBrick) managing issues sometimes results with an error 500 (error message points me to some other plugin I have). There are no problems on production server though.


I use a local redmine installation to keep things organized. I created this plugin for myself, but I thought it might be useful for someone somewhere.

By no means I am a rails programmer - this is the first piece of ruby code I ever wrote, and probably there are some horrible mistakes in there. I didn't create this plugin as a perfect example of code for all to see, I created it because I desperately lacked some user-friendly interface for todos management and there was no plugin available for that. If you find any bugs, you are welcome to fork this repo or open a Pull Request.