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Let's Waffle Bot!

Let's Waffle! Bot is an interactive bot that teaches you how to use as part of your development workflow to automate project management updates and keep track of your GitHub activity in one place.

Let's Waffle! Bot is an open source GitHub App built with Probot. Contributions welcome!


See a demo of Let's Waffle Bot at

Getting Started

Note: Let's Waffle! Bot is NOT currently hosted. Therefore, you can only use it by creating your own GitHub App and running it yourself.

To start using Let's Waffle! Bot, you'll need a GitHub repo. We suggest creating a new repo as a learning playground. To get started:

  1. Create a new GitHub repo (if needed).
  2. Signup for and create a new Project using your new repo.
  3. Install WaffleBot for your repo.
  4. Install Let's Waffle! Bot for your repo.
  5. Create a new issue in your Project titled Let's Waffle!.
  6. Let's Waffle! Bot will move the issue into In Progress and start a conversation with you in the issue about what to do next!

Tip: Let's Waffle! Bot communicates by creating new issues and commenting on issues. You can click on the real-time notifications on your Waffle board to see new comments from Let's Waffle! Bot.

Image of Communicating with Bot


If you have suggestions for how Let's Waffle Bot could be improved, or want to report a bug, open an issue! We'd love all and any contributions.

For more, check out the Contributing Guide.

Issue, Bugs, and Ideas

We use to track work for this project. Check our Waffle board. - Columns and their card count


# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the bot
npm start


ISC 穢 2018 VoteBot (


a GitHub App that teaches you how to use WaffleBot!




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