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Bunch of scripts that inserts data into InfluxDB
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Influx Home

Just a bunch of scripts to insert data into a local InfluxDB instance for home monitoring. I've tried to make it modular/generic enough that anyone can throw their vars/settings in, and away you go.

Currently supports:

  • Nest (Home thermostat reading)
  • OpenWeatherMap (local weather/temperature)
  • Philips HUE (# of lights on)
  • Transmission (upload/download bandwidth)
  • Sabnzbd (download bandwidth)

To get started:

  1. Run composer install to get all dependancies
  2. Copy the .env.example to .env and fill our your own keys/ids
  3. Run php start.php to run the script once, or set php cron.php to run every minute to fill in data automatically (I'm tuning each service to adhere to their rate limits etc)
  4. Use grafana (or any influx compatible graphing app) and look at your fancy data/graphs


  • Water Usage Monitoring
  • Power monitoring
  • Program/Console monitoring (what do I use when and why, using when I'm signed into X service)
  • ????
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